[Seylum] Black & White Scales

  A Skin Mod by seylum

Version: 2.5.2

Contributor Information:

Titan Firm for the Tight & Firm body and scale textures used in 2.0 release.
Upierczi for the 2k Facelift used in 2.0 release.
mel & zana for their collab work on the [NB] Scales for body and face scales used in the 2.5 release.
Sapphire for the scaleless Au Ra bodies and faces used as bases.
서진 for the face retexture used on the [NB] 4k Scales.

Author's Comments:

Update 2.5 - 08/31/19

• Updated the mod to include the release of 4k scales by Bizu & zana. 

Link to original mod page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/6107
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Update 2.5.1 - 09/01/19

• Completed a request in the #sfw_requests channel by @Alanis☆Moogle#1679 to add the makeup / face rexture by 애새 onto the scales and have added that into the files.

Link to original mod page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/1166
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Update 2.5.2 - 09/02/19

• Included a download file for the specular map that doesn't have the glittery skin for those who don't want the glittery skin from the latest T&F update and don't have the original [NB] files.

Full Overhaul
This is a complete redo of my previous Black & White scales mod (currently v1.5). It was brought to my attention that since the 4.55 patch update installing the v1.5 of the Black & White scales made it so that they eyes changed colors... I'm not sure how that happened, but since I didn't have the old .PSD files on my PC anymore, I just decided to redo the whole thing.

Noteable 2.0 Changes
There is now more depth to the scales, despite being colored.
• One of my biggest hurdles making the previous mods was making it so that they were the color I wanted but still had the depth of the scales that I had grown to love on the Au Ra in the first place. This overhaul changes all of that.

Raen scales are more of a pearly white.
• Going along with the idea of not having flat scales, I also made it so that the white scales were more of pearly white than a flat white.

Choose between no makeup & 애새 's makeup
• Original 2.0 release has been made with vanilla faces only. The 2.0 scales DO NOT have a makeup option. If you install the makeup for the 2.5 scales IT WILL mess up your neck scales.
• The new 2.5.1 release has the option to use vanilla faces or the makeup / face retexture released by 애새. This makeup does not work for the 2.0 scales!

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no_sparkly_skin.dds : [ via Direct Download ]

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Female Au Ra body & face

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Au Ra
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body, recolor, scales, skin