Constellation and Job Stone Props

Version: 1.0

  A Minion Mod by Vi

Author's Comments:

Replaces several minions with Ascian constellation stones and job stones. Due to the sheer volume of the minions replaced, the mods are all individual, stored in a zip. They are Penumbra compatible (and I personally recommend to use Penumbra to enable them before beginning posing, and disable them after a posing session).

* Feel free to port and modify these as you wish.
* You may not release mods based on this mod that remain vaulted for more than two weeks.
* You may not use this mod to make NSFW content involving minors.

List of minions replaced (also given as a txt file inside the zip):
Ascian Constellation Crystal
Loghrif: Wind-Up Gaia
Mitron: Eden Minor
Hades: Shoebill
Pashtarot: Crabe de la Crabe
Fandaniel: Caduceus
Altima: Angel of Mercy
Halmarut: Morbol Seedling
Nabriales: Gravel Golem
Igeyorhm: Wind-up Iceheart
Deudalaphon: Flag
Emmerololth: Conditional Virtue
Lahabrea: Scarlet Peacock
Elidibus: Wind-Up Warrior of Light
Azem: Wanderer's Campfire (Warning: will be stationary and despawn if you go too far from it)
Unknown from Pandaemonium: Ancient One

Tank Job Soul Crystal
Paladin: Wind-up Haurchefant
Warrior: Wind-up Ardbert
Dark Knight: Wind-up Edge
Gunbreaker: Wind-up Thancred

Melee DPS Job Soul Crystal
Monk: Wind-up Lyse
Dragoon: Wind-up Estinien
Ninja: Wind-up Ryne
Samurai: Wind-up Hien
Reaper: Wind-up Edda

Physical Ranged DPS Job Soul Crystal
Bard: Wind-up Cirina
Machinist: Wind-up Cid
Dancer: Wind-up Lyna

Magical Ranged DPS Job Soul Crystal
Black Mage: Wind-up Papalymo
Summoner: Wind-up Bahamut
Red Mage: Wind-up Red Mage
Blue Mage: Wind-up Kefka

Healer Job Soul Crystal
White Mage: Wind-up Y'shtola
Scholar: Wind-up Tonberry
Astrologian: Wind-up Urianger
Sage: Wind-up Alphinaud

Primary File or Link:

Constellation and Job : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Fri May 20 2022 20:10:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Fri May 20 2022 19:55:17 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
several minions, see description

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