[B] Bad Guy - Outfit

  A Gear Mod by bizu

Version: 1.2

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{Body: Sel} {Original Model: Blade and Soul}{Colorsetting Help: artymoose}

Author's Comments:

[Public 2 Private] This one has some minor differences from the original private mod while trying to push out a result that's similar. Previously named Hongmoon Nights - Rough Customer

▫ Preserved, and repainted the original game's necklace
▫ Instead of equipping gloves to remove the jacket, the jacket is automagically removed whenever equipping an item with the name Bolero in it.
▫ Dyability changes based on the item. This is to give more diversity in choice when picking your outfit!
▫ Repainted the mesh on the outfit, similar to the original private mod. The hexagonal mesh has been traded for a normal cross-net.
▫ 3D edits to 🐔 to ensure they don't break completely!
▫ Bizu logo (:zuzu:) removed from the Arachne Bolero version
▫ I tried to keep the model as close to the original as possible, so the armpit weights may look wonky in some positions. I'm this close to making sleeves forboden.
▫ Normals should be un-inverted on the green channel. If they look messed up, let me know.
▫ Added jacket only version, on the Faerie Tale Princess Gloves:
▫ Has backfaces for the dress
▫ Added a glove-only version so you can mix and match!

Changes Since Early Access
▫ Removed extra cloth on the dress's back. Please install the 3D Fix File!
▫ Added bonus colorset files.
▫ Doesn't Use TNF SFW Legs because it's a fucking shirt.

🛠 To Hide:
Mesh Group 1
:space:0 / 1 : Dress
:space:2 / 3 : Jacket
:space:4 : Necklace


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Sat Jun 15 2019 03:03:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Thu Apr 11 2019 11:47:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Arachne Robe,Pagos Bolero,Astral Silk Robe, Arachne Bolero,Rainbow Robe of Striking

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