Yona: Attorney At Law / License To Be Horny

Version: 1.0

  A Anamnesis Pose by fiona_rhela

Author's Comments:

In a bit of a fender bender? Have you lewded and now the horni police are hot on the trail? Or maybe you've put the entire modding community at risk! Have no fear! Yona Attorney At Law has a 69.9% success rate for all legal battles. You can trust us and our totally legit legal council. Call us today! 1-420-6969!

(In order to use a card or license for your posing, try using the astrologian card or sealed envelope as a "weapon" inside the Anamnesis gear/loadout screen, and equip it on your main hand. Then use the scale feature to make it smaller, and position feature to move it accordingly inside the pose window.)
Happy posing and happy shooting!

--Permissions & Credits--
* You're free to edit and use anything I make as a base for yourself, as long as you link credit back to the original pose if you decide to upload/share as your own creation. Go HAM! Have fun!
* I do take pose requests, but only as time allows! Please be patient if I do!
* My modlist and links/credits to commonly-asked-about mods are found in my discord group if you'd like to see what I'm using.
* Should you need help with a pose or would like to make a request, feel free to reach out over Discord @ Yona#6582 and I will try to assist when I am available.

-- Discord --
Check out our Discord group! Share screenshots and request poses, and hang out and just generally be a nerd. Weekly screenshot challenges and other shenanigans await!

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Yona Attorney At Law - License to Be Horny.zip : [ via Direct Download ]

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Thu Jul 07 2022 00:16:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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