Late Allagan Cozy

Version: 1.1

  A Gear Mod by Mishkia

Contributor Information:

Azu - The original sweater, found here:
Gomen - The original mashup this is based off of, was here:

Mods used in Preview listed here:

Author's Comments:

π’¬π“Šπ’Ύπ’Έπ“€ β„π“ƒπ’»π‘œ
➺ Uses Azu's wonderful Turtleneck Sweater. Was a mod originally by Gomen.
➺ Will probably clip depending on pose, especially around armpit area.
➺ Depending on what options you pick, leaving it undyed may look strange.

➺ You can see between the vest and sweater at certain angles.
➺ Clipping on the breast area, weights issue.


➺ Azu's perms for Azu's sweater do apply.
➺ Edits, both public and private, are encouraged and allowed.
➺ If posting an edit, I request you link the original mod you edited somewhere visible on the page.
And if you would like your edit linked in the description of the original, DM me and I will add it to contributors.


So. When I first started using mods, there was a mod by Gomen called Late Allagan Jacket Turtleneck Mashup; at some point I left and when I came back, I couldn't find this mashup anywhere. As far as I can tell, it still isn't anywhere.

It was one of my favorites sooo, I decided to recreate it. But, me recreating it means I can add things that I would want to see.

I've included different colorsets so you can change how the mashup dyes...I went a little nuts on it. I have also included the options for removing the bag, and the vest, or both.
And, finally, there is a second modpack to allow for it to be on Whisperfine Woolen Coat, too, in case you want it on an alternative item for all classes.

Hopefully, this is okay. I tried finding Azu's perms but couldn't.


If you like this mod, want to see more, keep up to date on updates, or possibly even help decide what gets made publicly, come join my server.
My server is 18+ only due to what could be expected to be seen within, so please join at your own discretion. More information can be read when you join.

Primary File or Link:

Late Allagan : [ via Direct Download ]

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πŸ‘€ 7.6K
πŸ’Ύ 876
πŸ“Œ 39

Last Version Update :
Tue Jul 26 2022 20:52:19 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Thu Jul 21 2022 18:48:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Late Allagan Coat of Healing/Casting And/Or Whisperfine Woolen Coat

Genders :

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