A Minion Mod by Milkie

Version: 1.0

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Ziella from The Model Resource:

@Mc Dancey Pants Extreme#1970 for walking me through the whole process of skinwrapping and everything :wubs:
@xoLadyCharlotteâ„¢#2910 for pointing me in the direction how to paint weights :wubs:

Author's Comments:

Initially made this for my boyfriend, thought i'd release this anyways.
This is my first time making a minion and painting weights. It went horribly. He's moving around somewhat but his legs and feet tend to not.. work so good. Therefore i included a static version that is t-posing, to assert dominance over Eorzea, and my attempt at making him walk.

- i know very well how bad the weighting is, but maybe one or two people would like to use it anyways!
- If there are any issues that do not concern the weights, do contact me over a DM, please!
- Please be gentle orz

- Don't redistribute anywhere please. :wubs:

:kofi: Like my work? I love coffee!!

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Fri Apr 19 2019 16:22:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Goobbue Sproutling

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