ALL Au Ra Emotes for Miqo'te

Version: 1.1

  A Animation by xeno1068

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Nécer for the Animation Swapping Guide

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Swaps all 51 standard emotes from Au Ra over to Miqo’te, as well as the idle, sit, and movement animations. The full lists will be available below.

You will be able to pick which animations you want to swap over when importing into TexTools (by selecting which raw files you want to import). Otherwise, you can just import without changing anything and get all of the animations swapped.

For example, if you want to keep the default Miqo’te “Joy” emote, unselect the “joy.pap” file when importing into TexTools.

⟡ Idle (Default Stance): idle.pap
⟡ Movement Animations (run, jump, sprint, walk, etc): move.pap

FULL LIST of the Ground Sit/Chair Sit/Sitting Cposes animations and file names:

FULL LIST of the 51 standard emotes and file names:

FULL LIST of Idle Cposes and file names:

⟡ This was made for personal usage, but I decided to share it publicly. I will not be making any future swaps for other races, or a Miqo’te for Au Ra swap.
⟡ Please use the linked docs to help when installing, especially if you want to select specific emotes to download and not use all 51. There are also preview images for the idle poses.
⟡ This mod only includes the general emotes you get from the start of the game and the idle/sit/move animations. This does NOT include anything other kind of animations (so you can keep enjoying that adorable ear wiggle your Miqo does when she drinks!)
⟡ There are some issues with the facial expression not changing right away with certain emotes (chuckle, laugh, surprise, etc). However, the issue is only noticeable with a select few, and a majority of the animations are perfectly fine.
⟡ Please let me know if there are any bugs and I'll see if I can get it fixed. Thank you!

Enjoy your new animations!

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ALL FILES : [ via ]

Other Files and Links:


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Mon Aug 08 2022 05:03:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Aug 06 2022 23:58:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Female Miqo'te

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