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Author's Comments:

A June Patreon release gone public--

A modular, highly customizable sexy nun outfit with 6 different preset variants, two opacity options, and three dye options. Custom made, not a port.

Technical Information//Details:

Bodysuit is fully dyeable in-game. Cross is gold by default and can be dyed via CSB#2. Eyelets are gold by default and can be dyed via CSD#16. Ruffles include 3 different dye templates, white, black, and fully dyeable. Useable by all non-lalafell female characters. Uses my Apres Eve: "Vegan" body edit.

• Top: Spring Shirt

Metadata Toggles:

You can toggle certain pieces of this outfit on/off via metadata attributes:

- Turn A off to hide the strappy undersuit, turn it back on to show.
- Turn B off to hide the ruffles, turn it back on to show.
- Turn C off to hide the outer bodysuit, turn it back on to show.
- Turn D off to hide the shoulder straps, turn it back on to show.
- Turn E off to hide the golden cross, turn it back on to show.

Keep in mind, while these changes will not appear in Textools, they will be visible in game. Multiple options can be turned on/off simultaneously for mix and matching.

Opacity Options:

- Fully Opaque (default)
- Sheer/transparent

Pre-set Variants:

- Default (Full set)
- Default, No Ruffles
- Outer Bodysuit Only, No Inner Suit
- Inner Bodysuit Only, No Outer Suit
- Default, No Straps/Bow
- Default, No Cross

• Not a port. Fully custom made mesh and textures.

:zubHYPERMAD: Permissions/ToS :zubHYPERMAD:

• Ports ("upscales/downscales", refits, alterations, general edits, modifications, kitbash, etc.) of my mods to any other body mod, to any size, and to any race, are all allowed. SFW/NSFW are irrelevant. You don't need to ask me for permission to re-upload an edit, on any site. If reposting, please link back to my original mod. You may not tack on additional "do not port to X body" permissions on any of my work. Additional, more in depth info can be found on my website, linked above.

Primary File or Link:

PRIESTASS - June.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Wed Nov 02 2022 01:04:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Wed Nov 02 2022 00:59:53 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Spring Shirt

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