WHM skill pack v2

Version: 2.0.2

  A VFX by tawkoh

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ocealot for VFXEditor, person on YT for voices

Author's Comments:

heads up: this is a penumbra-only mod

[edited march 6, 2023]
change (march 6): added esuna's original sounds back in for audio feedback while casting. no longer will you be wondering if it actually went off (or at least i won't)
hotfix (march 5): reduced holy's effects for better field visibility. adjusted some hammer glare alphas and increased the size of lightning glare


now that i've become more familiar with the intricacies of vfx editing, i've decided to run through this pack again and fix a lot of things, as well as add more. many of my original edits were rushed or rather intense visually, and so i took the time to scale things down, remove excess flashy bits so you don't go blind, and give them extra touch-ups like fly text timing and overall fluidity

most of this mod pack doesn't fit the traditional whm aesthetic (sorry, but do keep reading). in fact, it can be rather memey at times, like an omega holy, a laser glare, and an aetheromatic clipper for afflatus misery. it wasn't the original intention, but i decided to buckle down on that and just go absolutely ham. that said, though, there are still a few things that i think would appeal to the general whm player. without going into laborious detail, it includes the option to remove that funky blue orb when casting esuna, and a few coloured options for lucid dreaming to potentially better fit glamour sets

as always, message me on twitter or discord [taco#4017] with any questions or concerns (or just want to say thanks)

[all three .pmp files in this pack are fully customisable; enable and disable anything you choose]

as a fun addition, i've also included two separate mod files that change temperance's sound to include tyrael and auriel from the diablo series. (i couldn't have been the only one to make the connection with the wings, right?) several options for each voice. this works best when applied to individual character collections or genders, for obvious reasons. i haven't tested this in a group scenario or where more than one whm activates temperance at the same time, so fingers crossed it doesn't blow things up

(sorry there's no sample video (still). i don't have the time or energy to splice all that together, but you're welcome to make one so i can link it)

if you have other whm mods active, please make sure nothing is being overwritten in one form or another. penumbra might not throw up a conflict error because of which files i've modified (like .avfx instead of .tmb), so check around if you have a similar skill modification elsewhere, if you're not seeing something changed. increasing its priority number won't make a difference in that case. for example, i used a glare-to-stone-iv mod before, and with this whm pack mod active it doesn't show a conflict but gets overwritten anyway.

general list of mod contents:
- voiced temperance in separate mod packs. elemental temperance (with no wings) in the main one
- afflatus changes across the board
- medica i and ii are wind-based
- eight glare i and iii options. half meme, half serious
- five regen options. full vfx and sfx overhaul
- option to switch raise vfx with other healers'
- lucid dreaming colour options, as well as one full overhaul
- two dia options
- assize animation change
- aquaveil is now light-based
- minor divine benison ice mashup
- holy iii for the omega lovers
- presence of mind overhaul
- thin air to wind
- option to completely remove the esuna orb thing, along with its sounds

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WHM pack v2.zip : [ via Direct Download ]

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Tue Mar 07 2023 01:45:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Mon Feb 13 2023 10:44:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
a lot of whm skills

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