Glade Hidekeepers Top

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by Illyriana

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Ok. So let's sit down and have a nice little chat for a moment. The glade tunic yeah? It's ugly. Every Gridanian NPC and their nanny wears it and it's near inescapable. Solution? Make yourself and every basic NPC who's supposed to look like a common everyday working folk ™ actually looks less like you lost a fight with a corn feed bag and then decided to go "Yeah, I guess this is what fashion is."

This mod replaces ---> All Races & All Genders (even you potats and baraboys. I've got your back)
This port was done on TT2.0 (which hates model ports). If you encounter any issues with it not behaving well with gloves Import -> Advanced Import -> Disable Shape Data -> Import. I have done this myself but.... yeah. 2.0 Issues.

Notice ----> There is absolutely no way to fix the seam that occurs on the wrist when using certain gloves. This is a limitation created by SE in regards to tops that hide wrists in game. To fix this port it to a top that does not hide wrists via the Mod Converter. Guide ->

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Glade Tunic

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