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Hello everyone I'm Myopicat!

- I'm a small modder who was mostly active last year on the Textools discord, went through a long hiatus due to personal reasons
- Now planning to do things at my own pace outside of the discord servers and at least finish what I've started before
- 日本語少し

What I usually do:

- Small face edits
- Tails or other small body modifications
- Accessory edits
- Ports (Clothes, weapons, creatures)
- Very messy and self-indulgent hair edits

What I usually don't do:

- Overly NSFW mods (by that I mean I can work with body mods with only a NSFW version out or lewd-ish outfits but nothing more)
- Detailed texture edits
- Body conversions

Current plans: Cleaning up my mods, doing ttmp2 modpacks for some of them, more GBVS mods
Status: 🐌

I've already done this mod/I was already doing that mod:
Oops sorry! Like I said before I have been absent for a loooong time so I don't know what's been done since then and I'm doing things at my own rhythm so I probably won't check or even search what other people are doing for the moment!

Can I edit your mod?:
- If it's a free edit/request: Sure go ahead! But if you release it just make sure to credit me as well as everyone I credited for the original mod (ESPECIALLY if it's a port and I used someone else's ripped model!)
- If you're intending on using it for a commission please ask me first thanks!

If it's about an edit to one of my mods or something small within my means then yeah you can ask me, though I can't promise anything (especially not the time it might take...)
Avoid asking me about other people's mods unless you have their permission or they're not answering you at all

Not at the moment no, but you're free to donate to my Ko-fi if you feel like my work was worth money!

Mod collaborations?
I'm trying to do things at my own pace so I won't be accepting any mod collabs (unless it's an exceptional case), sorry. Though if you just want a bit of help for something and you think I might be of use then feel free to ask (though you're probably better off asking help on any modding server's help channel)

My DMs are open for anyone on the "FFXIV Textools & Modding" server or "Arty's Crayon Box"!

Ko-fi :

That will be all for now, have a nice day! 💮

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