Boi Chest

Version: 1.2

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by meri

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HEY! This mod is now retired! Go check out Ruta's AndroFirm mod if you're searching for this look!

:1Yes: natyusha - BBWVR body - - Small chest size, texture overlays
:1Yes: Titan Firm - Tight & Firm body - - Body textures
:1Yes: ruta - Ruta's Custom 2k Scales - - Scale textures

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who enjoys this mod!! It makes me so incredibly happy to see the lovely characters ya'll have created with it! YOU'RE BREATHTAKING :hearttalk::keanu2:

Author's Comments:

When you wanna use a female character model but you want to be the boi.

A 3D edit to Natyusha's BBWVR Small Chest w/ Vanilla Waist
Install this AFTER you install a full body replacement mod of your choice
✤ Upper chest/pectoral area widened, lowered, and flattened
✤ Breast tissue and nipples flattened
✤ Waist curvature made a bit less⠀) (⠀and a bit more⠀|⠀|
✤ Diffuse and normal map edited to reduce breast shading
⠀⠀— Au Ra: Scaleless, Ruta Scales, and Ruta B&W Scales available
✤ Use with any vanilla and/or Gen2 bottoms.
⠀⠀— Now updated for BBWVR 2.3 compatibility
✤ Bust slider 0 to 25 suggested for intended look

This mod comes with a skin texture edit that removes breast shading. This means that if you wish to have a boi chest character appear at the same time beside a female character model with proper shading under the breasts, you both need to be two different races that do not share skin textures.
• Midlander shares with Miqo'te shares with Elezen
• Highlander shares with Roegadyn
• Viera
• Au Ra Raen
• Au Ra Xaela

My "Skin Detail Set" mod, aka body freckles and blush, will be updated to work with this soon ♡
Please feel free to edit this mod or use it for other projects. See readme file for permissions, known issues, etc.
Send me a DM if you find any other issues not noted in the readme. i'm scatterbrained af. :cryaissa:

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Sat Mar 07 2020 16:58:05 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Sep 28 2019 08:30:19 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Titan Firm

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Smallclothes, The Emperor's New Robe, NPC smallclothes (9903)

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