vampy ears

Version: 1.1

  A Body Replacement Mod by Mishkia

Contributor Information:

name vampy ears
for HEMRAV | U
Hyur F/M, Elezen F/M, Roe F: Emperor's Hat
Au Ra F/M: Tail 1-4 (includes Xaela)
Miqo'te F/M: Tail 1-8
Viera F/M: Ear 1-4

Author's Comments:

🖤 description
vampy ears for almost all~! sculpted hyur ears into a vampire or short elf ear, with slightly adjusted uvs and textures.

i originally made these to be private to just myself, but decided since i wanted a mod to celebrate the opening of payhip & to mark my rebrand to Scarf, to try to port them to everyone!

has no additional options other than just the ears. aura/miqo'te will not retain their vanilla tail.

🍓 notes / read me

⋆ lighting can make the ear look a lot brighter than the face

⋆ elezen f will have a hole underneath the ear lobe; i tried to fix this/cover it best i could but, may fix it in the future or cover it better.

⋆ male roe is not supposed to work / it was not made to work on male roe but it... does?
this means the skintone difference is immense. please dont use it for male roe.

⋆ will have seam where it connects to the face, male races especially. This varies face to face due to texture difference.

⋆ there is no option to keep vanilla tail for aura/miqo. i will not be making an option.
you are free to combine this with a tail if you want/know how to or commission that edit.

⋆ emperor's hat should turn off ears/horns; however it will also do this for races that don't have a vampy ear port too.

⋆ is not fit to earrings/earrings are not fit to this ear unless specifically made to do so.
this means vanilla will likely not match up!

⋆ overall, this is not a perfect mod. but it took me longer than it was supposed to, and i did my best with it.

🍓 permissions

🖤 more previews + info and links to accessories made for this

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Last Version Update :
Wed Aug 30 2023 08:14:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sun Jun 11 2023 07:48:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
tail, ear, the emperor's new hat

Genders :

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