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Rei for the rip
Shining Nikki for the OG

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An adorable set of long braids from Shining Nikki. The highlights are a little interesting, feel free to edit to your liking. A huge thanks to Rei for the rip of this hair. Please consider supporting her at the Kofi link below!
Included is a folder for any dae's and textures you may need. These are included for if you wish to move the hair numbers, races or any personal edits you wish. If you plan to release any edits/ports please give proper credit to Rei for the rip, Shining Nikki for the original and me for the port. Also, please include Rei's Kofi link so people may donate to her for the rip.
I hope y'all enjoy!


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10/9/2019 @ 5:41:54 AM
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10/9/2019 @ 5:46:26 AM
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Viera Hair 6, Middy Hair 10, Miqo Hair 6, Au ra Hair 8

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braids, hair

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