Sage Keyframe Pose Pack

Version: 1.0

  A Anamnesis Pose by samurottwho

Author's Comments:

A pack of Keyframes from every one of Sage's animations through level 90! I made this mostly to help people scared of Sage weapons or just new to posing to try get going! This is not perfect and there are issues but I hope it can help people! THERE ARE VERY IMPORTANT NOTES PLEASE KEEP READING

This is an exhaustive list of all the moves Sage has. There are some reused animations in the game, as such these moves are represented by 1 pose or set of poses:
Diagnosis and Prognosis
Eukrasian Dosis 1 and 2
Esuna and Repose

There is also an issue in some poses with the Nouliths (weapons), due to how they are saved and then displayed again once loaded, on some poses the nouliths will be out of position, although orientated correctly. They align with the body orientation instead of the saved position, which can make the nouliths a little funky, but otherwise fine!

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Sage : [ via Direct Download ]

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Sun Jul 02 2023 18:31:52 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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