No.2 Type B Guardian Leggings

  A Gear Mod by gomen

Version: 1.0

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Mashups are too much fun...
You NEED the latest Textool with the Extra Materials capability!!!

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Ever looked at the Guardian skirt's purse and went "man, i wish i could just have that"

Well I did too.

Now you can wear a cute little thigh purse under all your dresses and even wear them with long boots!
Dyes with the bottoms so hopefully it won't clash with any wonderful outfits you use this in!
They've been reshaped to fit over the 2B bottoms and boots but there's a couple of clipping in poses, so beware!

Also i noticed last minute that there's a weird issue with the normals on the buttcrack and left thigh and honestly i have no idea why because i have what the kids say, cum for brains.

if you know how to fix this, feel free to dm me, I'm still learning!


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11/7/2019 @ 4:33:33 PM
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11/7/2019 @ 4:44:23 PM

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No.2 Type B Leggings

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