Hair Haxx

Version: 1.1

  A Hair Mod by sitch

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ESRGAN for a few texture upscales <3, models used:

Author's Comments:

this is my collection of hair mods, some light vanilla edits, some ports, some originals
check the download link for named pictures

Devola for female elezen tweaks
- what a gorgeous hair 🥺 thanks to Kurai for the port! The original mod is required.
- small rigging tweaks to reduce clipping with head
- adds basic hat support
- female elezen only.

Devola hair retex
- once again original mod is required
- made more detailed textures to better get along with my detailed faces
- currently only available as loose files and penumbra mod. I'm a huge slacker.

opal hair for female miqo hair 53:
- plain, low maintenance hairstyle
- hat friendly, though some clipping will occur during movement since i wanted it to be extra bouncy
- the ears use vanilla h53 mat, they benefit from a texture upscale, and may conflict with not previously uninstalled h53 mods. in short, if your ears look weird, disable h53 textures or install an upscale. if you changed target hair during install, reinstall the mod after.

male miqo hair 5 to viera hair 11 port:
- what, they had this super cute hair all along??
- plugged hole and created textures
- textures are linked from male miqo 5 for my personal convenience 😏
- feel free to use assets for your own port or edit, as long as it's not paywalled :)
- now with hat support but you still need a mod to enable hats for viera like this one :blobmelt:

FL hair for viera hair 5:
- fancy name for fancy hair, came up with both myself
- what else is there to say

rainbow highlights
- requested by Gunmetal_Rainbow :)
1. viera hair 9, ingame hair colour options work, light highlights recommended
2. controlled chaos for probably all female races: this was done by changing the material and editing the textures, so ingame hair colour won't work at all. grab resource file to adjust to your liking ;)

former cute bob:
- hair 102 shortened for female elezen
- textures works for most other races, def not cat people though
- put on a hat for instant hair growth

new bob because bobs best:
- for female elezen hair 5 51
- don't put hat on it it looks dumb
- too lazy to work on this anymore ok I lied, but I only made it bouncier and a bit less clippy nothing big, still very messy ain't fixin that :open_eye_crying_laughing:

removed horns for female au ra 3 & 7:
- horns haxxed away
- reworked textures
- completely 100% hatfriendly or gil back

guild wars 2 big afro by Vanessa Le port:
is a big kid now and earned its own page:

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Last Version Update :
Fri Mar 13 2020 18:30:02 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Wed Nov 13 2019 10:02:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :

Affects / Replaces :
viera hair 5, female elezen hair 102 & 5, au ra hair 3 & 7

Races :
Elezen, Au Ra
Genders :
Tags :
bob, devola, hair, rainbow,

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