Oiled Up! Bibo + Gen3 + Vanilla

Version: 2.2.2

  A NSFW Skin Mod by khanter.kz

Contributor Information:

Nylfae for Atramentum Luminis 3.
Spiswel for AsymFaces materials.
Bibo and Gen3 bodies for their materials.
Basil for the initial idea that only had Gen3.

Author's Comments:

-- I beg you read the Priority setup part of the description if this mod 'breaks' your vanilla skin textures. Atramentum Luminis properly setup and the right priorities are NEEDED for that functionality to work. --

An oily or wet finish on your skin, compatible with your tattoos, normal maps, glowing tattoos and hotdog add-ons.
Includes Materials A (vanilla, that load Bibo textures), B (Gen3), Bibo and Hotdog. TBSE coming soon.

Actually compatible with Atramentum Luminis glowing tattoos. Brightness is set to the usual in 'secret' tattoos - only show up in the dark. Feel free to tweak the material to change this.

Uses Default Bibo skin shader, so if you REALLY want to use Poreless, really just go into material editing for those and crank up the gloss strength, or edit the ones here and delete the tiling.


0. Bibo (required for vanilla too)
1. Atramentum Luminis (Skin set to Textures and Materials and check the 'Bibo+ textures for ♀' option).
2. Oiled Up!
3. Glowing tattoo emissive textures. File Redirections to point your glow texture to are as follow:
- chara/bibo/emissive.tex for Bibo and vanilla
- chara/bibo/gen3_e.tex for Gen3
- chara/bibo/hotdog_e.tex for hotdog add-on.

If your glowing tattoo removes the oily skin effect, delete the .mtrl files from the tattoo mod and only keep the .tex files.
If your glowing tattoo doesn't show up, make sure the .tex files are set in File Redirection to the paths specified above.

Adjust the shine color through Palette+'s Skin Gloss. Muscle and Wetness sliders, as well as wet Normal textures overlays (wet skin textures) all play a factor in the final look.

'I'm using a sculpt and this doesn't work' mandatory guide: https://imgur.com/a/HmIQOS0 < Do this in a new empty mod with faces turned off.

Faces are not ALum3 adapted because they're too many materials (almost 100, with AsymFaces included) and I'm lazy, I may include them at a later date, but otherwise refer to their Authoring documentation to enable it.
The pathings and edits to the base body materials here are my own and from scratch, even if the other mod for a similar effect was made prior.
I made this to include Bibo and Vanilla when that other mod only had Gen3 and then it added Bibo after I published this.
When they claimed to have ALum3 glow compatibility (which at the point of writing this they don't - you can check their materials have no emissive map or effect mask samplers), I updated mine to actually incorporate it, to work as a patch.
After multiple hatemails and being called petty things for to the crime of fixing a free mod for free while giving credit to the original, I reworked this mod to function as a complete upgrade/replacement rather than a patch, because I honestly can't be bothered putting up with that.

Just refrain from using with Lalafell or underage bodies. I don't care who you want to credit for this. It is literally a material collection that tweaks a single number in all of them (cranks up parameter 992869AB/Gloss Strength).
Do not paywall stuff using these materials, even if temporarily.

Primary File or Link:

Oiled Up! Bibo + Gen3 + Vanilla.zip : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Fri Apr 19 2024 18:53:04 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Fri Sep 15 2023 18:19:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Female skin materials

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