Shirtless Flannel Suspenders for TheBody

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  A Gear Mod by Shorty

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Tsar for TheBody

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Anyone who did any laborious work knows: flannel is awesome... And your lovely WoL/D, why won't you treat him to some awesomely comfy clothing... the flannel shirt! Only that he has a tendency of taking it off when he's hot (whichever meaning of "hot" you want it to mean), to cool off and to show off his assets!
Minor clipping to be expected, especially with twisty poses (I'm looking at you dk combat pose)...

▫️ Note: This is "The Body" version of the shirtless flannel suspenders mod released earlier... Sorry it took so long to get it done. I don't play these races myself so testing is not extensive. Hope you enjoy it.

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Flannel/Wool Suspenders

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