Aphrodite+ upscales archive

Version: 2.4

  A Gear Mod by Nimpy

Author's Comments:

I feel like Iโ€™m spamming the modsites full of really small mods, so instead of separate mod entrys I decided to throw everything into this archive.
If you want to get updates you can either follow this post or the trello card โ™ฅ

This archive includes the following models:
-No.2 Type B Leggings
-Limbo Himation of Striking
-Luncheon Toadskin Hose of Casting
-Model A-2 Tactical Top
-Model C-2 Tactical Bottoms
-Obsolete Android's Trousers of Scouting
-YoRHa Type-51 Coat of Aiming
-YoRHa Type-51 Jacket of Scouting
-YoRHa Type-51 Robe of Casting
-YoRHa Type-53 Coat&Breeches of Striking
-Neo-Ishgardian Top of Aiming
-Neo-Ishgardian Top of Fending
-Neo-Ishgardian Top of Healing&Scouting
-Neo-Ishgardian Top of Maiming
-Neo-Ishgardian Top of Striking
-Neo-Ishgardian Top of Casting
-Edenmete Gown of Healing&Casting
-Falconer's Bottoms
-Snow Linen Bottoms of Healing
-Panthean Corselet of Maiming
-Metian Vest&Chausses
-Seigneur's Jerkin
-Craftman's Leather Trousers
-Salon Server's Dress Vest

If you want to tag any screenshots with my mods please feel free to use #nimpymods :bunnyheart:
You can find my permissions, discord links and links to all my other sites here :arrow: https://nimpymods.carrd.co

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Download : [ via trello.com ]

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Last Version Update :
Fri May 24 2024 14:24:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sat Jan 06 2024 23:22:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
No.2 Type B Leggings, Model A-2 Tactical Top, YoRHa Type-51 Robe of Casting, and more

Genders :
Tags :
aphrodite, bibo, gear, upscale,

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