Bouncy Bubble Bottoms 2

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by natyusha

Version: 2.0

Author's Comments:

This is an add-on for BBWVR2 which adds jiggle physics to the butt and parts of the thighs. The 'jiggle' is tied to the mune_l and mune_r bones so any action that would normally cause some breast jiggle will now apply to the butt as well. The size of the bottoms are linked to the bust slider and will look best near the maximum value of 100 (with the shape changing slightly based on race) the exception to this are the small sized legs which are set to look best at 50 slider. Above 100 slider the butt will grow larger and begin to sag while below 100 it will shrink and be pushed upwards. There are no textures included with this mod as this is intended as a last step to be installed after the other BBWVR2 options. Please note that physics must be enabled and your fps must be capped at 60 in game for this to work correctly (

This mod includes a jiggly version for all of the female leg variants from BBWVR2 and is available in its own section on the modpage (scroll down or click the Index shortcut for the download link).

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Tue Jan 07 2020 21:51:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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