[Iris Shader] Aurora Borealis 2.0

Version: 2.0

  A Face Mod by Katae Mods

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Special thanks to Nylfae

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Aurora Borealis 2.0 is a revolution in Eye(TM) technology - a seamless aurora of colors that shift around. This mod applies a hue shift to the eyes that changes with the camera's angle, additionally separates left and right eyes, enables customized glows, and allows having a different version during day and during night/indoors. Compared to 1.0, the color shifting gradient was made significantly less linear!

If you wish to make a donation of 1$ or more: https://ko-fi.com/kataemods

Visit the Discord server for guides on creating: https://discord.com/invite/XXgMmyPVQy

Affects all races!

Supports older eye mods when using the legacy version!

DOES NOT affect Au Ra limbal rings, but they can be added with the new blue channel mask!

May have incompatibility or weird effects when used with custom sculpts!

Set this mod a higher priority than Atramentum Luminis! This overrides the same eye/iris functionality, but you can keep your skin/hair/etc changes otherwise!

It is recommended you play around with different eye colors to get the desired combination that works for you! Too bright/too dark eyes will remain too bright or too dark, so it's recommended you keep it somewhere in the middle. Supports Glamourer's advanced customizations to achieve the exact

Contains a variety of versions for the shader:
-- 2.0 - Full feature set as described in the beginning of the description!
-- Legacy - Enables temporary support for older eyes, with only the glow and color shift, separations not included!

-- Full (Color Range) - Enables the complete RGB experience!
-- Limited (Color Range) - Limits the gamut, effectively hovering around 2 main colors!
-- Static (Color) - Intended for artistic purposes! Compared to its usual color, the hue shifts based on the transparency (lower alpha = more change). For Legacy, this preserves the color instead, with the caveat for glow support!

Also contains a variety of default textures for use with 2.0 out of the box!

-- Vanilla - The eyes in vanilla, but with a color shift integrated!
-- Vanilla with Night Glow - Like the above, but with a light glow at night or indoors! This is the default option for first-time installs!
-- Vanilla with Constant Glow - Vanilla, but with a constant, decently strong glow!
-- Miqo'te Dynamic - Seeker slits at day, Keeper pupils and a slight glow at night, coupled with a color shift!
-- Miqo'te Dynamic with Limbal Rings - Like the above, but with baked in limbal rings as well!
-- Leva - Constant Seeker slits with a strong glow, a simple port from my Viera OC.
-- Hrothgar Dynamic - Miqo'te Dynamic, but with Hellions and Lost iris versions instead! Option exclusive to Hrothgars.
-- Lalafell Dynamic - Same as Miqo'te Dynamic, but with Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk eyes instead! Option exclusive to Lalafell.

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Iris-AuroraBorealis2.pmp : [ via Direct Download ]

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Wed May 08 2024 18:25:03 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Mon May 06 2024 22:29:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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All the eyes!

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