⋆✩ BEcause [Makeup for Emi by Vivi / Viera F3]

Version: 1.0

  A Face Mod by Renn

Author's Comments:

v. 1.1 - Fixed a stray eyeliner smudge on the upper lid. It's nice and crisp now! ♥


⋆✩ A makeup for Emi by Vivi and similar sculpts using Viera F3 as a base!
(Also tested on Marie by Vivi and Elys by Runa)


More preview pictures: imgur.com/a/ZZ70DxW

❗❗ Regarding Dawntrail: ❗❗
Thanks to the benchmark, the modding community has learned that mods that affect heads/faces are changing significantly! Sculpts will need to be rerigged to accommodate the additional bones, and makeup may need to be adjusted to fit the new maps.

I have every intention of updating my makeups once the sculpts they are based on are updated to work in the new expansion, but please be aware that that could take anywhere from days, to week, to months, or more.

Please keep this in mind before purchasing/using! Thank you!


BEcause is my first makeup mod in a few months! I've seen a lot of soft, pale looks for Emi, and so I wanted to offer up an alternative for the more... well, alternative pretties!

Named after and vaguely inspired by JiU and Gahyeon's makeup in the BEcause MV ♥

As always, I'm only human, so please expect flaws!

❗ REQUIRES Penumbra for .pmp! ❗ Download includes pngs for manual installation and customization!

⋆ All Miqo'te clanmarks, as well as vanilla/BnW scale options for Au Ra are included!
⋆ Shimmery wet eyeshadow
⋆ Deep red glossy lips
⋆ Under-eye & cheek blush
⋆ Eye and nose shimmer

❗ Reminder, this makeup was based based off of Emi by Vivi! It has been tested on the vanilla viera f3 face, as well as Elys by Runa and Marie by Vivi, but you will get the best outcome if you use it over Emi! The Au Ra scale versions will NOT work on sculpts other than Emi! You would need to replace the scales yourself! ❗

⋆ Please credit me if used!
⋆ Feel free to edit for personal use!
⋆ Do not use any part of this makeup in paid mods
⋆ Do not use any of my mods for any content involving nsfw minors (including lalas) or for any hateful, bigoted content.

⋆ I am not responsible for how this makeup looks on sculpts not listed. If you use any other sculpt, be prepared that your mileage may vary.


Twitter: twitter.com/rennivere (18+)
Discord: rennivere


Viera upscales by rose (elpisblossom) ♥
Viera devkit (clanmarks) by Major Praline ♥
Emi by Vivi ♥ (payhip.com/b/pPixC)

Primary File or Link:

BEcause.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Thu May 30 2024 06:32:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Thu May 30 2024 06:29:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Races :
Miqo'te, Au Ra, Viera
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Tags :
emi, face, makeup, sculpt,

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