KHIII Ultima Weapons

  A Gear Mod by Mc Dancey Pants Extreme

Version: 1.01

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Replaces: Sword of the Round/Heavens - Axe of the Round/Heavens - Bow of the Round/Heavens - Cane of the Round/Heavens - Claymore of the Round/Heavens - Codex of the Round/Heavens - Grimoire of the Round/Heavens - Halberd of the Round/Heavens - Katana of the Round/Heavens - Rapier of the Round/Heavens - Staff of the Round/Heavens - High Steel War Quoits - Weathered Lion Heart

Paladin gets the normal Kingdom Hearts III Ultima Weapon keyblade while deep breath Atrologian, Warrior, White Mage, Dark Knight, Scholar, Ninja, Summoner, Dragoon, Samurai, Red Mage, and Dancer exhale get there weapons inspired by it. Not all are shown in the pic because one picture for 12 weapons is clustered, it already is but even more so. DNC is a random weapon i like and the rest are Thordan weapons.
The crafted ones get a star particle effect, as shown with the bow. the reason why the other classes are not there is... i couldn't think of how to do them/didn't turn out that well.
All are in one modpack. if someone wants an individual one i can do it but i did this for fun and i doubt more then 2 people are going to even care. Tell me if you do that, will try and do it if anyone wants that

Update: .01 Added one for GNB

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Round/Heavens Weapons + High Steel War Quoits

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