KHIII Pali Keyblades

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Replaces: Homura/Kai (Ultima Weapon) - Zantetsuken (Oblivion) - Tidal/Wave Shamshir (Rainfell) - Sword of the Round/Heavens (Oathkeeper) - Enhacing/Fae Sword (Destiny's Embrace) - Blood Sword (Way to Dawn)

Instead of multiple spread out mods i desired to just lump them here, also it helps ReMind (PUNS!!!) me what i have and have not done. Each has a recuperate file, to the download link is to a folder to pic which you want.

Ultima Weapon is Sora's final keyblade of KHIII. Oblivion and Oathkeeper are the classic ones Sora/Roxas wields, Oathkeeper is the white one and Oblivion is the black one. Rainfell is Aqua's first keyblade. Destiny's Embrace is Kairi's keyblade. Way to dawn is Riku's first keyblade. (Reference pictures are linked as well)

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Paladin Swords

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