Kiraras CB2-L Collection

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Kirara

Version: r2.5.cb127

Contributor Comments:

see list for full info

Comments / Description:

My big collection of all the CB2-L mods i made and converted, and all the simple upscales i made.

Curvy v2 Large Conversions
- All of them use the original Curvy v2 Large body.
- Big credit for the base body to Sel (Sel)
- Some older pieces have slight Issues due to my lack of knowledge back then
- All mods were originally created by the person under which they are listed in the full contributers & content list.

- These are simple and lazy upscales, using bone scaling, to fit the general proportions of a bustier body.
- The breastbones are scaled on the exact slider value. it wont perfectly fit the custom bodies.
- No previes images since its exactly the same look just more busty.
- Works on every race if not stated otherwise.
- Big credit to Natyusha (natyusha) for making the tutorial for it.
- The "Other" Folder contains other upscales from filled requests.
- !!! - General warning for bloky-ness and wonky scaling at higher sizes.

Release Info:
I will add Mods from filled requests here and link to this Collection whenever i add something

Most, if not all Conversions of other peoples mods do not include a reference to the original mod here.
Please, if the seperate release post, if it exists, does not have a reference, search for the mods name.
I have no influence on other mod creators taking down their work, or releasing incompatible updates.

Latest Additions / Important Notes:

CB2-L Conversions:
Sheer Diabolic Mail of Fending


Full List of Content and Credits for Original Mod Creators:

---------CB2-L Conversions---------

   Sel (<@374524175408168962>)
Exposed Scions Liberator Jacket
Summer Micro Bikini
Better Bunny Sluts

   Natyusha (<@211250779888156672>)
Braless Moonfire Halter
Exposed Skirtless Strapless Makai Manhandler's Jerkin
Exposed Skirtless Strapless Makai Moon Guide's Gown
Exposed Makai Moon Guide's Gown
Exposed Scorpion Harness
Shirtless Flannel / Wool Suspenders
Shirtless Ala Mhigan Gown
Shirtless Anemos / Gyuki Leather Jacket
Wrapless Fuga Haori
Topless Light Steel Galerus / Coliseum Galerus
Open Flame Lieutenant's Coat
Exposed Drachen Mail
Sheer Eastern Lady's Togi
Sheer Sleeveless Ao Dai

   kazran (<@156189984565624832>) & SirSaber (<@85755635383164928>)
Exposed Hornless (Augmented) Hellfire Armor of Fending / Striking

   Bizu (<@203639901693018112>)
Braless Nezha Lady's Togi
Braless Endless Summer Top

   Pretty Kitty (<@103384617788116992>)
Braless Uraeus Coat
Dressless / lewd Valentione Apron Dress
Shirtless Leonhart Jacket
Virgin Killer Sweater

   stray (<@297543790435106817>)
Exposed Shisui Tops

Gambler's Trenchcoat of Lewdity

   Nevina (<@119247026998345728>)
Tops of the White / Black Griffin

   WerleJ (<@99573500829769728>)
Tacklequeen's Vest

   Rei (<@164900729264406528>)
Goddess of Sohr Khai Dress

Lewd Brutal Lorica
Hammerkeep's Sexy Top

   Das (<@89757604280025088>)
Braless Holy Rainbow Shirts

   Titan Firm (<@90655399442665472>)
Titan Firms 'Bonneville'-Collection Shirt
Goddess Lilith Top
Beritra Songstress
Lollipop Noir
Guillotine Fanservice Boob Window Jacket

   Ruta (<@234860927764135936>)
Rutas Striped Summer Shirt

   Alexstrasza (<@247692671068405761>)
Goddes Sophia Chestwrap
Queen's Blade Leina Chestpiece (Galerus version)
 - Galerus Port by @Thira#4302

   Kaiten (<@104897809836216320>)
Braless Pacifist's Vest

   Dillen (<@104962496187617280>)
Panis Repca

   N'ananère (<@153492106214768641>)
Tank Top for tall Ladies
Elegance Dress
The Spellcaster Jacket
Shandra Maniac 2
Oerban Daughter (Thaliak version)
DOA - Ribra

   Lorielthy (<@80732737719242752>)
Rakshande Outfit Reborn
Sleeveless Long Kirika

   Miste (<@71063830737727488>)
Thavnairian Dancer

   Siona (<@339416082907660288>)
Void Armor

   Kirara (<@209279384920653824>)
Braless Bonewicca Soother's / Shadows's Chestpiece
Casual Sky Pirate's Vest of Aiming
Shirtless Oasis Tunic
Topless Coeurl / Coronal / Sea Breeze Halter
Large Forgekeep's Redingote
 - Includes 3 variants; Normal, without Apron, and Shirt only
Shirtless Void Ark Robe of Casting / Healing
Exposed Ballad Corselet
Witch's Coatee
 - 0.9 due to tiny problems
Braless Mineking's work Shirt
Naughty Shepherd's Tunic
 - includes version with and without belt
Exposed Star Velvet Himation
 - optional version without bracer cloth parts
Exposed Rathalos Mail
Shirtless Iga Ningi
Gazelleskin Melee Harness
Exposed Bloodhempen Chestwrap
 - Shares Model with similar Chestwraps
Lewd Minfilia
Shirtless Anemos / Twinsilk Suspenders
Kiraras "Fuck Armpits" Tunic
Oasis Doublet for Girls
Omega / Omicron Coat of Healing
Omega / Omicron coat of Scouting
Omega / Omicron Gambison of Fending / Maiming
Omega / Omicron Gambison of Striking
Omega / Omicron Jaceket of Aiming
Omega / Omicron Jacket of Casting
Yafaemi Tabard of Aiming
Lewd Demon Armor of Fending
Shirtless Rakshasa Dogi of Casting / Healing
 - optional short version
Braless Flame Elite's Shawl
Black / Blue / Green / Lunar / Red / Solar Summer Halter
Coeurl Beach / Coronal / Sea Breeze Summer Halter
Custom Summer Morning Halter / Striped Summer Halter
Summer Melon Halter
Beach Rat Harness Halter
Braless Boarskin Harness
 - shares model with other harnesses
Shirtless Storm Lieutenant's Jacket
Shirtless Ivalician Shikari's Jacket
Shirtless Ala Mhigan Gown - covered variant
Wrapless Dhalmelskin Jacket
Nice Scylla Robe
Infantry Shirt
Shirtless Dalmatica
Shirtless Cleavage Bringer and Cleavage Doctor Coat
Unzipped Strife Vest
Reavealing Starlight Tunic
 - optional corset option
Lewd Carbuncle Jackets
 - covered & exposed with multiple variants
Shirtless Guardian Corps Coat
Kiraras Eternal Anniversary Gown
Raras Tight Melon Tank Top
Aoido's Cloack
Braless Kirimu Coat
(Striped) Southern Seas Swimsuit
Yasha Togi of Maiming / Scouting / Striking
Serpent Lieutenant's Lewd Halfcoat
Lewd Pagos Shirt
Exposed Woad Tops
Shirtless Magus's Jacket
Blackbosom Dress
Lewd Expeditioner's / Ramie Tabard
Kirin's Light Osode
Velvet Crowe's Attire
 - collaboration with Mc Dancey Pants Extreme (<@237722055091552258>)
Light Elemental Jacket
Chocobo Swimsuit
Scion Traveler's Jacket
Anemos / Twinsilk Harness
Lewd Lucian Prince's Jacket
Light Anemos Gambison
Curvy Bolero
Summer Indigo Shirt
Dancer Casaque
Ravel Keeper's Chestwrap of Healing / Castin
Ravel Keeper's Vest of Fending / Maiming
Ala Mhigan / Zonureskin Coat of Fending / Maiming
Moonfire Happi
Sheer Diabolic Mail of Fending


Coeurl / Coronal / Sea Breeze Halter
Hempen Camiese
Hyur Highlander
Hyur Midlander
Summer Morning Halter
(Augmented) Choral Shirt
Linen Smock
 - Shares Model with other Smocks / Aprons
(Antiquated) Caller's Himation
Void Ark / Nightsteel Mail of Maiming
Velveteen Coatee of Crafting
 - Shares Model with all other Coatees
Anemos / Ruby Cotton Gambison
Anemos / Ruby Cotton Gambison Crop Top
 - Original by: Sayna (<@427948937748676618>)
Riviera Dress
Yafaemi Jacket of Healing / Casting
Yafaemi Mail of Fending / Maiming
Anemos / Gyuki Jacket
Nezha Lady's Togi
Ao Dai
Seventh Heaven Top
Scylla's Robe of Healing / Casting
Hannish Wool Autumn Shirt
Light Steel / Coliseum Galerus
Thavnairian Bustier
Thavnairian Bustier Translucent
 - Original by: Pinsbroke (<@145037748829421568>)
Racial Starter Tops
 - Auri Gown
 - Elezen Gown
 - Hyuran Chemisette
 - Miqo'te Seperates
 - Roegadyn Bodice
Wind Silk Cotee
Demon / True Griffin Chestpiece of Striking / Scouting
Demon / Indigo Ramie Tabard of Aiming
Replica High Allagan Coat of Aiming
Spotted Spencer
Scorpion Harness
Gryphenskin Breastguard
Taffeta / Coliseum Shawl
Black / Blue / Green / Lunar / Red / Solar Summer Halter
Iron Cuirass
 - Shares Model with other Cuirasses
(Striped) Southern Seas Swimsuit
(Striped) Southern Seas Swimsuit Translucent
 - Original by: Natyusha (<@211250779888156672>)
(Ornate) Star Velvet Himation of Healing / Casting
 - Shares Model with Ghost Barque Himation of Scouting
Spring Shirt
(Loyal) Housemaid's Apron Dress
Republican Signifer's Chiton
(Ornate) Onishi Dogi
Crafter Doublet Vests
Boarskin Harness
 - Shares Model with other Harnesses
Shisui Tops
Includes Faire Joi
(Light) Lynxfang Cuirass
 - Original by Vin (<@137347206255607808>)
 - If you dont want the light version uncheck the Normal Map when importing.
(Light) Diabolic Mail of Maimig
 - Original by Vin (<@137347206255607808>)
 - If you dont want the light version uncheck the Normal Map when importing.
(Shirtless) Machinist's Shirt
 - Original by @Astronoe#8657
 - If you dont want the light version uncheck the Normal Map when importing.
Thavnairian Wool Autumn Dress
Direwolf Robe of Casting
 - Shares Model with similar Casting robes
Iron Scale Mail
 - Shares Model with other Scale Mails
Angelic Wings
Demonic Wings
Hailstorm Coat of Casting / Healing
Scion Adventurer's Jacket
(Prototype) Alexandrian Mail of Fending
Skallic Tops
 - All of them!
Taoist's Shirt
Eastern Lady's Togi
Kudzu Tunic of Scouting
 - Shares Model with other Tunics of Striking / Aiming / Scouting
Doman Steel Tabard of Fending / Maining
Guardian Corps Coat
Halone's Mail of Fending
Scion Liberator's Jacket
Yamashi Dogi
Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress
Cleric's Robe
Ninja Chainmail
Orison Robe
Auroral Tabard
 - Shares Model with various similar Tabards and Striking / Scouting variants
Tantalus Vest
Falconer's Shirt
Makai Markswoman's Battledress
Makai Manhandler's Jerkin
Makai Moon Guide's Gown
Ala Mhigan Gown
Kirimu Coat
 - Shares model with Griffin Leather / Chivalric Coat of Striking / Scouting
Bunny (Chief) Bustier
Thaliak's Chestwrap of Casting / Healing
Eastern Journey Jacket
Extreme Survival Shirt
Lady's Yukata
Lady's Yukata ([color]-fly)
Sky Pirate's Coat of Casting / Healing
Evenstar Coat / Chimerical Felt Coat of Casting
Ryumakyu Jufuku of Fending
Void Ark / Nightsteel Armor of Fending
Mineking's Work Shirt
Fieldking's Shirt
Tackleking's Vest
Bloodhempen Chestwrap of Casting / Healing
 - Shares Model with similar Chestwraps
Eikon Cloth Acton of Aiming / Healing / Scouting
Winter Sweater
(Prototype) Alexandrian Jacket of Striking
(Prototype) Alexandrian Jacket of Maiming
(Prototype) Alexandrian Jacket of Aiming / Healing
(Prototype) Alexandrian Coat of Casting / Scouting
Alchemist's Coat
Boltking's Jacket
Forgeking's Apron
Galleyking's Apron
Gemking's Coat
Hammerking's Redingote
Hideking's Jacket
Millking's Coat
(Light) Diamond Robe of Casting / Healing
 - If you dont want the light version uncheck the Normal Map when importing.
Constellation Top
Coat of the Defiant Duelist
Void Ark / True Linen Coat of Striking
Hailstorm Armor - Unnecessary Damaged Cleavage
 - original by Shintaro (<@172864211804749824>)
Faerie Tale Princess's Dress
(Replica) Dreadwyrm Armor of Fending
(Replica) Dreadwyrm Cyclas of Scouting / Striking
(Replica) Dreadwyrm Mail of Maiming
(Replica) Dreadwyrm Robe of Casting
(Replica) Dreadwyrm Robe of Healing
(Replica) Dreadwyrm Tabard of Aiming
Nue Togi
Karasu Togi
Scholastice Coat
Moonfire Halter
Strife Vest
Arachne Shirt of Scouting / Striking
Shares model with Pagos Shirt
Proto Ultima Mesh
Midan Coat of Fending
Gaganaskin Jacket of Aiming
Ala Mhigan Coat of Aiming


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