Coffee First, Adulting Later

  A Gear Mod by 신사 구미호 ⛩

Version: 1.0

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Got Help and Learned something new from Mimi! Thank You~
Model and Textures from
Ugly Chocobo Re-Texture Attempt by My Dumbass

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Since I'm a Barista slut and I have many coffee loving friends, I decided to make this small little mod to celebrate the release of patch 5.21 and the Barista Glamour (Craftsman Apron) in the Ishgardian Restoration Update.
There might be a few issues, but I did my best! Enjoy some Coffee with your friends~
(Will Update with more Options Later... Maybe) I did my best trying to remake the Chocobo Logo from the Craftsman Apron

Yes, I added a Starbucks Cup you filthy Karens.
(This should be used for screenshots only)

» Should work for All Races/Genders
» Can change color of cup via Colorset Editor
» Please do not edit/redistribute. Private Edits are fine.
» Comes in Three Types; Starbucks, Plain, and Chocobo Cafe` Design
» There is clipping in the hand slightly and the pinky, couldn't fix so you'll have to CMTool adjust, Sorry!!
» Small Logo mirrored onto bottom Screeches

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Wed Mar 11 2020 02:32:35 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Maple Wand

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