[Spiswel]_Tattoo Master Rig

Version: 0.04

  A NSFW Other Mod by Spiswel

Contributor Information:

Melon Pope for mentoring me since the beginning and helping me understand Blender a little better
Tsar for his priceless help in creating the dummies used and his "The Body" model and textures
Titan Firm for the female hands/feet parts, natyusha for the female body parts and both of them together for the "Gen2" style textures
And a big thanks to all my beta-testers and proof-readers!

Author's Comments:

This is a MOD RESOURCE only release.
This resource is aimed at users who want to do texture edit works.

It allows the creation among other things of accurate, seamless, customized hand-drawn tattoos.
Please note that the entire resource and its accompanying guide are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Please read the full modpage for details and How To Install instructions.

About the Author:
Welcome! I am Spiswel aka Spis aka the tattoo gremlin and I absolutely adore drawing and tattoos.

About "The Tattoo Master Rig":
The "Tattoo Master Rig" contains a Blender scene file which allows its user to:
- load up a dummy 3D model of choice
- draw in both the texture editor and on the 3D model directly
- export, save, and import .PNG overlays of your drawing in a non-destructive manner
- preview how textures will look on the model without having to login to the game

This tool is intended for use as a way to sketch or paint on a character in a much more accurate way than only using a 2D image editor, allowing the end result to look nearly seamless in the game.

Provided with this Tattoo Master Rig is a detailed Google Docs tutorial/guide which goes over how to use it, as well as provide a detailed workflow for the creation of hand-drawn tattoos,
but it can in theory also be used for creating any other types of body texture edits, such as:
- scars and burn marks
- skin blemishes
- customized scales
- etc etc..

About the races
The 3D dummies provided within this beta release cover ALL races present within the game.
Yes, even Lalafell. You have been WARNED.
Potential future additions include garlymans' Midlander FTM body mod.

- You may use this resource for public releases & personal edits.
- You may use this resource for making commissions.
- Private commissions made using this resource should ideally be released to the public within a reasonable period of time.
- You may NOT claim this resource as your own, nor reupload it or share it without asking the author first
- You may NOT use this resource for anything else than FFXIV Modding.

How To Install
Download & install Blender 2.80 or above
Download and decompress the RAR archive in your documents
Open "_Tattoo Master Rig.blend" file using Blender.

How to Use
Please refer to the provided Google Docs tutorial to learn how to use this resource.

- v0.01: initial document & rig beta
- v0.02: initial public release, added “Troubleshooting” and “Layering in Blender” sections
- v0.03 - added The Body (2.0) support in rig
- v0.04 - added BiBo Asym support in rig

For any questions and inquiries about commissions, please contact me on Discord at Spiswel#7777 .

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DOWNLOAD : [ via drive.google.com ]

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