Ballet Pose Pack 1

  A Concept Matrix Pose by LilRedAuriGirl

Version: 1.0

Author's Comments:

After seeing a few ballet poses for females but none for males, and being highly inspired by my love for all things dance, I let myself be a little obsessed and put together two ballet pose packs! This first one is for solo poses and includes several for male and female both. They have been tested on almost all tall races, so you should need minimal adjustments to use female base for all tall females, or male base for all tall males. (Au Ra is a min height female, Miqo'te is a max height male.) You can use the female for male and vice-versa, but it may take a lot more finesse, especially for the facial expression and leg rotation. I have also done my level best to make the female poses compatible with at least short skirts, and in some cases long skirts, but you're better off with short to show off all your beautiful lines. The zip file contains matching screenshots and pose names so you can tell what you're loading before you load it in. You're welcome. 😉 I would LOVE to see any images made with my poses, so please do DM me! This was a labor of love, and much thanks to my terribly patient FC members who were used to seeing me standing on our in-house stage for hours on end.

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