Mamba Xaela Scales V2

  A NSFW Skin Mod by RED

Version: 2.0

Contributor Information:

Tsar 's NBP Body
Vallena 's Upscaled Au Ra
My (RED's) Scaleless Au Ra (for faces)
My (RED's) original Mamba Xaela Scales (V1)

Author's Comments:

Note: Yes, you are now able to install either mod without affecting the other clan!

After a custom color commission for the Mamba skin, I did a ton of work on cleaning up the specular map and all the seams on the diffuse layer. Yesterday, I learned that a couple other talented modders had figured out a way to SPLIT the specular and normal maps between the Au Ra sub-races! After that, how could I not put these all together under my originals and release a MUCH cleaner, much smoother, mod? I hope you enjoy :).

-INCLUDES Tsar's NBP under the reskin (nsfw).
-INCLUDES scaleless neck seam.
-INCLUDES Vallena's wonderful Upscaled Au Ra mod for way better horn/face/tail textures.
-INCLUDES skintone adjustment with semi-transparency areas to match whichever color your Xaela is!
-HAND PAINTED Original mamba-inspired full-body scale design.
-HAND PAINTED Normal maps after initial 'baking' for precise and smooth lighting.
-NSFW matching diffuse/normal is included for both 'small clothes' and 'emperor's new'.
-REMOVED the scaly 'member'. If there's a hubbub about bringing them back, I will :).
-FACES 1 & 2 have small 'spikes' at the sides of their jaw that were a part of the neck scales. Not SUPER noticeable.

Please feel free to poke me on Discord for any questions and/or comments! (RED#8572)
(I'm new to Twitter :D!)
(And also new to having a Discord server! I often paint live here and show preview screenshots of work-in-progress stuff!)

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Thu Sep 17 2020 21:31:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sun May 03 2020 22:50:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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All Male Xaela Bodies/Faces

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Au Ra
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