Mother's Embrace

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  A Concept Matrix Pose by LilRedAuriGirl

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"You are never too old to be my baby." In 2018, I had a cataclysm of health issues. We're talking I eyeballed death a little too closely for comfort. My mother was my rock. She was always there, took better care of me than anyone could. There was a moment where she was rocking me as I was laying on the couch (and please note I have been bigger than her for like twenty years now) and she said the above to me. Inspired by that, and as a gift for my best-friend-adopted-little-sister who was having a terrible day, I did the above pose. Made with a minimum height Auri female as the one resting, and a maximum height Auri female as the mother.

Mod(s) Info: Mother is vanilla. Child is wearing Solona's raglan tee on top, and Titan's Cupcake shorts and Milkshake shoes.

If you like my work, I like coffee. :meowheart:
I have a special tier on my Patreon for my pose releases! My poses will always be made free, but the $3 gives you early access and you can request special non-public poses for yourself! This pose was released two weeks early on Patreon.
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