HD Reworks 2: Forgiven Edition

Version: 2.1

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Midori

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@Titan Firm#8975 for Gen 2 body, @Sofie#6877 for HD Reworks mod, @ruta#0099 for original scales, @Sapphire#7896 for Scaleless textures, @natyusha#7261 for BBWVR body, @Siona#8928 For old, but invaluable help, OnlyGFX for crack textures.

Author's Comments:

A series of modifications using Sofie's HD Reworks 2 as a base to give Au Ra a Sin Eater's flavor.

The mod is compatible with Titan and BBWVR bodies. Au Ra scales are recolored to Gold and White and they come in three variants:
Extremity (Primary): Entire body is covered in cracks. Normal maps were modified as well giving them a realistic feeling.
Legacy: Recreation of original old Forgiven Edition variant containing multiple golden/cyan lines while keeping 2.0 version improvements.
Pure: Nothing is there, only scales.

There are included several optional addons (compatible with all variants mentioned above)
- Significantly enlarged horns and tails - It is only a 3D edit and it will work with any scale mod. Expect a lot of ground clipping from tails (CMTool is recommended)
- Black, Cyan, Gold, and White scleras - Manual installation only (png-files)

There are two versions of the mod as a whole. Forgiven and White Forgiven. They both contain all variants and all addons. The difference is White Forgiven is enforcing white color on your character without dependency on CMTool. There are multiple advantages and disadvantages in that matter. More detailed instruction regarding creating and using white bodies (with CMTool and without) is put inside both packages.

2.1 version fixes some 3D misalignments in the Large Tails addon. The main files were updated with a fix but I added 2.1 addons as a separate download as well.

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Download and screenshots : [ via drive.google.com ]

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Fri Sep 04 2020 19:29:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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