Petit Scorpion Scales (Bibo+/Gen3)

Version: 0.7.2

  A NSFW Skin Mod by spiswel

Contributor Information:

spiswel (myself) - design, painting, texture editing, NGRIJX color variant
titanfirm + natyusha - Gen2 & Gen3 textures
Nyaughty - EVE textures
✿ Miette for the Vanilla Redefined faces & tails textures bases
wootabega - AndroFirm Gen2 textures
Illy Does Things + Tsar - Bibo+ textures
Sofie - tremendous amount of help with normals!

Author's Comments:

An extensive repaint of the body & face scales for Au Ra Female with brand-new shapes.
Designed, hand-drawn and painted from scratch by yours truly.

Features overall more jagged edges, sharp angles, a fully armored back and scattered smaller islands around the shoulders, cleavage and thighs. Faces feature more scale coverage than vanilla.


Bibo+ 2.0 (and all derivatives):
- Material A Gen2/Vanilla Retrocompatibility
- all skin options (Default, Soft Fingers, Smooth)
- all musculature options (Default, Buff, etc)
- Bibo+ Trans Redux Compatibility
- Material B (Gen3 Compatibility)

Gen3 (TF3, Pythia, Freyja, Malli, etc):
- Material A Gen2/Vanilla Retrocompatibility
- Material D Bibo+ Compatibility Patch
- all musculature options (Soft, Firm, Buff)

Gen3 EVE (EVE2)
Includes Material A Gen2/Vanilla Retrocompatibility.
Note this modpack is left standalone as it does not include B+ Compatibility materials and will not be actively updated beyond its initial release.

Includes options for:
- Customized Body Scales
- Customized Face Scales
- 3 Color Variants : Vanilla, Black & White (BW), Native Gold Raen & Imperial Jade Xaela (NGRIJX)
- Black Sclera options for Xaela Faces

Creator Resources (in PNG format) are provided in the Download Folder.

This mod is compatible with any Tail mods. The Body scales are semi-compatible with Vanilla Face Patterns.

If not using the provided custom face patterns, it is recommended to download either:
- Skye (Miette)'s Redefined Faces(
- Sofie's HD Reworks 3 (
- Alistair's Upscaled Female Au Ra Scales (

These mods should yield the best results for compatible tails & when using Vanilla face scales pattern.

Known Issues
- Minimal seams at the neck, ankle & wrists

Permissions (updated 14/06/2021)
- Use these scales in public mods as well as private/paid commissions
- Use these scales in paid mods - see below for conditions/details
- Credit the author (Spiswel) when publishing works using these scales.

- Claim these scales as your own
- Reupload, redistribute or share the original mod outside of its author's uploads without permission

- You CAN use these scales in temporarily paid mods (ie Patreons, Early access, Ko-Fi shops, etc)
- HOWEVER, do NOT use these scales or any of their assets in permanently paywalled (vaulted) mods.

Please contact me on Discord if there's any doubt about permissions.


ver0.7.2 - the Faces installer has been redone to fix a core problem with materials & texture paths
- due to modpacking limitations, the installation for faces is now focused on Raen vs Xaela as a group rather than 'face per face' options

ver0.7.1 - updated Gen3 installer to latest Bibo+ Compatibility filepaths

ver0.7.0 - Endwalker Update, part 2!
This update marks the end of support for both "Gen2" specific bodies and Bibo+ v1.4 (Legacy).
Though they will no longer receive updates, these 2 versions can still be found in the Legacy Versions folder.

- overhauled Bibo+ textures to be 2K instead of 4K, reducing overall modpack weights
- new Bibo+ installer using 2.0 architecture, uses BIBO material & includes Material A, Material B (Gen3) and Bibo+Trans Redux support
- added new "Buff 100%" musculature option for Bibo+ (100% Buff instead of the default 50%)
- streamlined Gen3 installer (uses Material D for Bibo+ compatibility)
- per request, added Eve Gen3 textures installer, note this modpack is left standalone as it does not include B+ Compatibility and will not be actively updated beyond its initial release

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Last Version Update :
Sun Sep 25 2022 00:26:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Tue Sep 08 2020 23:14:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Au Ra Female Body & Face Scales Textures

Races :
Au Ra
Genders :

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