Better Bra Uraeus Coat - T&F2 Medium

Version: 1.0.0

  A Gear Mod by sorujin

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Thank you to Kaiten for the idea of this mod. I used theirs a lot for visual reference.
Thank you to titanfirm for the T&F2 body and small clothes.

Author's Comments:

This mod takes the idea of Kaiten's Better Bra Uraeus Coat and applies it to the T&F2 medium body. I opted to not make the bra dyable (as that's my preference), but I did include an option for getting rid of that terrible, low-resolution necklace (and also for female, non-Lala only, as a third option).

As a note: This mod will also change the color of the little x's along the side and also the belts. It's a very minor change, but I used that slot on the ColorSet to color the bra (if you make mods, let me know if there's a better way to do this in the future!)

I did NOT tweak the skirt to allow for different butt sizes nor have I checked any of them, but I know it works with T&F2 Medium. If you really want larger sizes, let me know and I'll consider it...

This is the most involved mod I've made so far, so please let me know if you run into any issues and I'll work to fix them!

For reference, the items featured in the pictures are modded using:
Clean 2B Boots:
2B Boots Fixed (Banana-B-Gone):

Also check out Kaiten's mod, if you like something bustier and dyable:
Better Bra Uraeus Coat - T&F2 Hentai:

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Mon Sep 21 2020 10:50:18 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Mon Sep 21 2020 10:43:11 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Uraeus Coat

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