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  A Concept Matrix Pose by LilRedAuriGirl

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Oh boy, buckle in. A request from Claudette Vainblade based off an amazing cosplay image of a Gaston with his three fangirls that is now available for all your ridiculous showing off needs! Bare basics: male is a max Highlander, and the three females are minimum Au Ra, Viera, and Miqo'te respectively. All files are named according to race to make it clear who is who. THERE WILL BE CLIPPING. Like, so much clipping, because the game does not believe in real physics. If it looks right, it is right. Key points to help alignment are the Viera's hands on the other two girls (they should be barely just touching) and the other two girls are also touching the Viera and/or Highlander lightly. If you can keep heights relatively the same, the swaps of race shouldn't be terrible. (Min Miqo/Au Ra are basically interchangeable). Gender swap is going to take even more work (and highly recommended to use a Highlander or Roe female as the holder if so). Have fun out there! [Bonus: If you adjust the arms/forearms of the Highlander, he can be holding any of the girls individually!]

If you like my work, I like coffee. :meowheart:
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