[TB 2.0] - Top Surgery Scars

Version: 1.0

  A Skin Mod by grym

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Tsar - Base Textures

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A custom texture for TheBody 2.0 to add chest scars for transmasculine and nonbinary characters! Compatible with Midlanders, Highlanders, Elezen, Miqoโ€™te, and Au Ra.
To use, navigate to the skin material B layer of your respective race within TexTools and import the .DDS file. Be sure to back up your current skin textures if you want to go back to them! Iโ€™ve also included the .PSD files for the textures that have the scars as their own separate layer, to allow for easier editing if you wanted to customize the body texture as well.
*For Raen, their body is 1, and for Xaela, their body is 101.
*Because of the way the textures and certain skin tone combinations work in game, Iโ€™ve included a version that has lighter coloured scars intended for use with darker skin tones so they show up better on the model. Feel free to adjust the lightness to what looks the best!
*Please let me know if there's any problems, and I'll get onto fixing them as soon as I can!

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Sun Oct 04 2020 02:29:38 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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