☆ Vanilla Evelynn hair ☆ for all Ladies

  A Hair Mod by ๖ۣۜζ͜͡ Crystallis𒁍

Version: 1.1

Contributor Information:

千卂乇千ㄖ乂 for the original request, SE for the meshes and textures.

Author's Comments:

☆ Request of a vanilla mashup ( hair 151, 162, and viera 16 ) I got for AuRa and Viera, but seeing how people are into KDA, I decided to port it to all girls. It's not perfect and doesn't look 100% accurate to the model, but I did my best and I hope you'll all have fun with it ! :DogeSmile:

:important: Miqo'te ears clip a tiny bit into the buns but it's ok. Viera ears 1 clip A LOT, but the others are fine, they hide the buns tho.

○ Vanilla textures were upscaled and smoothed.
○ Compatible Werewolf ears.
X Sadly not compatible with hats.

If you want to have it on another haircut, please use Textools' "Item Converter" tool.

☆ Feel free to port this to males if you want to, just drop me a DM before releasing it !

📸 Please tag me if you share sfw pictures using this mod, it would make me happy to see them ! ♥

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🛑 Permissions :
• No porting outside of FFXIV.
• Do not redistribute this mod.
• Do not use my mods in any private, paid commissions, patreon, kofi shop.
• If you wish to use it for any free public mod :
- Please ask me first. ( I won't bite and I'll most likely say yes ! )
- Do not forget to credit me or the contributors.
- And please have it mirrored on XIVMA so everyone can find it.
• Personal edits are allowed.


Mods used in picture :
- Evelynn's Glasses by Solona
- Tight&Firm Riot Girl Set C: 'Evelynn', by Titan Firm
- Pose by r.b.b

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[C] ☆ Vanilla Evelynn hair ☆ - 151~2.zip : [ via Direct Download ]

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Sun Nov 22 2020 01:10:23 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Nov 21 2020 16:54:48 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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hair 151, Viera 2

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