Gaia - Cleaner Makeup (Gaia Defined overlay)

Version: 1.0

  A Skin Mod by Ariane

Author's Comments:

Special Thanks to Sofie for giving me permission to upload this, please check out the original mod and all her other texture upscales that really improve the game <3

This mod is an edit of Gaia Defined, it removes the lipstick mesh and gives Gaia's lipstick a much needed clean-up! I have also cleaned up her eyeliner and eyeshadow and given her a reddish shadow around the eyes to give her a more tired goth look while keeping her eyes mostly natural.

▫ Installation:
1. Please firstly install Gaia Defined linked below, this will install all the other upscaled textures.
2. Locate Gaia's data in TexTools by sorting your item list 'By Set', and going to 'd1041' under the DemiHuman tab, the relevant textures are under the head tab.
3. Replace the diffuse texture under MET A with the edited diffuse texture.
4. Replace the normal texture under MET D with the edited normal texture (this will hide the lipstick mesh)
5. Finished! open the game to check how it looks, this can be done by watching the cutscenes featuring her, or loading her model in with the concept matrix tool.

If you have any issues please let me know via discord Ariane#8712 :3c

▫ Download:
▫ Sofie's original mod:
▫ Vanilla vs Modded:

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Tue Dec 22 2020 09:36:52 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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