[Moon] Elegant Bun for Everyone (Cambrian)

Version: 1.1

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Newsea for the original mesh and texture and ofc my 2 lovely server partners :heart:

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EDIT: Fixed the miqo'te ears

A very elegant hair for everyone. Comes with soft weights and and 4 highlight options!

Hair for all female races on 123
Hair for Viera on 5 (separate download in "files")

🌙 Very elegant bun with soft weights especially on the strands and with 4 different highlight options,
🌙 For all female races on Hair 123 and Viera on hair 5
🌙 Adjusted to fit all races as best as possible, strands having been moved out of the ears for elezen and lala
🌙 Special adjustments for Au'ra Face 1 and 2 with horns (3 and 4 will clip)
🌙 Normal map is no resource and is handmade just as the highlight options
🌙 Werewolf Head compatible
🌙 Highlight options: 4 ( can be found on the MSA Server, link in the "Files" tab) (Highlights on the server in the scherana_wip channel, check pins)

Make sure to have no hair mod before on 123 on Miqo'te otherwise the ears will be broken

:rainbowpartner: Change your highlights:
If you wish to change the highlights with one of the others provided under the link, do as follow:
TT > Character > Hair > navigate to the hair > Textures > Material (choose the one affecting the hair) > texture Map > Multi > Import with the three small dots > (navigate to the highlights you want) > Import > DONE
Highlights can be found in the MSA Server

:important: PERMS:
3D edits only for private use :3
The textures are my own, so don't use them in your own works
This mod is not allowed to be used in any paid commission or patreon
Otherwise enjoy!

:Kofi: If you like what I do, you can support me over my Ko-Fi! (Link on the "Files" Page)
:discord: Join our Discord for exclusive testing, pre releases and an active communication with Mint and me for wishes, changes etc.!
Find the links under "Files"!

Primary File or Link:

Elegant Bun for All on 123 Fixed Miqp'te ears : [ via cdn.discordapp.com ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Sat Mar 27 2021 17:16:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Thu Feb 18 2021 16:55:02 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Hair 123 Miqo'te, Au'ra, Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Roegadyn, Lalafell, Hair 5, Viera

Races :
Genders :

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