The Free Trial+ [#3] - Binding of Arms

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  A NSFW Concept Matrix Pose by Cordelia Mist

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「Nao」 For the inspired poses with the Shibari Bondage

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is pose #3 of 6 for a BDSM Album: Giving Her More Than Just the Free Trial
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Hello all! First concept matrix poses coming out! A bit shy but wanted to give it a shot and hopefully improve from relying on inspiration in the future!
This pose is a simple BDSM pose for binding your sub's arms together behind their back to keep them from getting far away. If only you were able to take care of the feet too they would be helpless, but that's for poses 4-6 to capture the moment before their hands are tied behind their back.~

Mods used in the shot:
Ball Gag - Bondage Collection (Deleted from Mod Archive)
Shibari Ropes-

Have fun~

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