Take Flight

Version: 1.0

  A Concept Matrix Pose by LilRedAuriGirl

Author's Comments:

Be the creature of grace and fantasy you know you are with this pose pack using the wings fashion accessory! All the poses look just as lovely without the wings, and could theoretically utilize any other wing mod. I designed these mods so that the semi-closed/open state of default for the fashion version looked somewhat natural. For the sitting pose, you will have to use the Y axis to lower yourself to the surface you want to be sitting on, since for some strange reason, fashion accessories forbid sitting down. All poses were made using a min height Au Ra female, but loaded nicely onto other races, with a little hair/face adjustment as needed. There will be another pack of angel-like poses in the near future, focusing on paired poses, so look forward to it. Happy posing!

If you like my work, I like coffee. :meowheart: https://ko-fi.com/lilredaurigirl
I have a Discord ! Poses-in-progress, chat with me, server exclusives, and ask advice! https://discord.gg/E9mx3Ht
I have a special tier on my Patreon for my pose releases! My poses will always be made free, but the $3 gives you early access and you can request special poses for yourself! This pack was released two weeks early on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/unicornwheels
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