Saturn's Rings for All

Version: 1.0

  A Hair Mod by Scherana

Contributor Information:

A huge thanks to the wonderful Sonyasims team for the perms. Check our their hairs!
Mint for being a great model and the best friend ever :RooLove: love you dear

Author's Comments:

A wonderful wild and super detailed hair by the wonderful Sonyasims ported for all races by me.

Races: Miqo'te, Au'ra, Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Roegadyn, Lalafell, Viera

Options: (find the different links in the "files" tab)
Earless Miqo'te

Highlight options: 4 different Highlight options available in the MSA server (find link in the "files" tab)

:MoonWitch: GPOSING: How best to pose it: Get in the pose, TURN PHYSICS ON and then OFF , use bones 1 and 2 on the hair to adjust the hair flow.

:MoonWitch: Natural weights on all races to make it swing nicely.
:MoonWitch: Very detailed mesh
:MoonWitch: Make sure to have no modded hair on hair 145 before, otherwise miqo'te ears will be broken
:MoonWitch: Werewolf Head compatible
:MoonWitch: Hand fitted to all heads and races with race specfic "tweaks"
:MoonWitch: No horn clipping version in a separate file for Aura face 1 and 2 (please make sure to have still the other mod installed first, only 3D model)
:MoonWitch: Normal map is no resource and is handmade just as the highlights

:important: PERMS:
3D edits only for private use :3
The normal map and highlights are my own, so don't use them in your own works
This mod is not allowed to be used in any paid commission or patreon
Otherwise enjoy!

:Kofi: If you like what I do, you can support me over my Ko-Fi! (Link on the "Files" Page)
:discord: Join our Discord for exclusive testing, pre releases and an active communication with Mint and me for wishes, changes etc.!
Find the links under "Files"!

Primary File or Link:

Saturn's Rings default version by Scher : [ via ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Fri Feb 26 2021 14:45:53 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Fri Feb 26 2021 14:25:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :

Affects / Replaces :
Hair 145 Miqo'te, Au'ra, Midlander, Highlander, Elezen, Roegadyn, Lalafell, Hair 7, Viera

Races :
Genders :

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