Eternal Form Parts From PSO2

  A Gear Mod by Blackmoon

Version: 1.0

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natyusha for BBWVR

Author's Comments:

These fantastic CAST Parts from PSO2 are now available in FFXIV!

There are four versions in the mod. Full Armor Types have more wings and armors than Mobile Types. White versions have blue spray paints and white armors while Black versions have red spray paints and black armors. But don't worry about you can't get the color you want, because it's dyeable!

This mod includes 3 parts: Body, Arms and Legs. Spring Shoes are just for hiding your character's own feet, so if you already have mods that do the same thing, it's no need to replace Spring Shoes.

Known Issues: You may find the arms and legs look weird in 3D viewer of Textool, but it's completely fine. The UVs and Textures interact strangely upside down for some reasons I don't know. For those who want to edit the textures, you probably need to revert the texture maps vertically.



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Spring Shirt, Spring Bottoms, Spring Shoes, Griffin Leather Cuffs

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