Tight&Firm Gen3 Body

Version: 3.2.1

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by titanfirm

Contributor Information:

Tsar for bibo+ texture files used for compatibility.
Astral Oracles (Mint, Scherana, Misha and Ephelides) for help with stress test/troubleshooting.

Author's Comments:

Update v3.2.1 - fixed solid triangle pube issue when equipping certain B+ mods

New for v3.2.0:
- New hands model with 3D manicure
- Shoulder/pelvis micro-seam fix
- Updated Gen3 texture (diffuse and normal maps, all variants, all races)
- Updated TF3 skin material set to match compatibility structure same as UNF and B+

The Tight&Firm Gen3 body style is designed after the classic pinup girl figure, with an emphasis on tight toned physique.

TF Gen3 is a high end body mod with multiple ultra high res textures. It is recommended you have the hardware to push the load (recommended GTX1080ti equivalent or higher, GPU VRAM 8gb or more).

- All-in-one modular body installer with options.
- Ultra high definition texture details.
- True next-gen asymmetrical body layout for greater skin customization possibilities.
- New higher poly smoother body models.
- Improved joint deformation for posing and scaling.
- Unique texture file paths for greater customization possibilities (such as unique scale patterns for Raen vs Xaela).
- Includes universal compatibility textures for Gen2/Gen3/Bibo+ body, allows equipping Gen2, Gen3 and Bibo+ mods together without visible seams or mismatched textures.
- Includes Tight&Soft, Tight&Sparkly, Tight&Buff and increased areola texture options.
- Option to remove low-res vanilla pore texture.
- Optional file for balanced breast sliders - Reduces racial over-scaling when using larger bust size mods.

Welcome. Please make sure you have Textools or Penumbra software installed first, in order to install this (or any FFXIV mods). Textools can be found at the official Textools Discord: https://discord.gg/ffxivtextools
You will also need 7zip extractor to unpack .7z files: https://www.7-zip.org/

The nature of FFXIV mods requires that it replaces an existing item within the game. In the case of this body mod, it will replace "Smallclothes" (i.e. your appearance when all clothes are removed), as well as The Emperor's New Clothing items. Equipping any item will not have the body applied to it automatically. You will need to find individual armor mods that specifically replace the item with the body style you are looking for, due to FFXIV armors having built-in bodies in them.

Disclaimer: You understand that using mods is against FFXIV ToS, use at your own risk.

- Use of any T&F assets or tools is not allowed for private commissions or paywalled content (unless it is released publicly afterward i.e. "early access").
- Use of the TF3 body geometry to create other shapes or body types must retain the Gen3 UV layout. Adding additional or variant body parts should be placed into the empty designated UV areas (i.e. marked "3rd party DLC" in the "BodyPartLabels" PNG overlay).

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Download Tight&Firm Gen3 Body : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Sun Mar 26 2023 15:54:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Mon May 10 2021 01:51:59 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Character Body, Body Textures, SmallClothes, Emperor's Gear

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