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Version: 3.17

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Other great modders: SelTitan FirmN'ananèreNyaughtyJammerLilin/YuuKirara

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Trello https://trello.com/b/9e97SSDK




Your mod is breaking/clipping/messed up!
You're welcome to join my discord and let me know that you're having issues; I don't always check TT and sometimes I close DMs off to preserve my privacy. Posting in #mod-support is the easiest way to get help from me regarding my mods. All questions belong in #mod-support

Can I edit/upscale your mod?
I give blanket permission to edit up toTitan's Hentai Size. If you wish to go above this size, please contact me first; I've granted permission to upscale my work to very few folks and request you respect the time and effort it put into my mods.
LiZZy 💋#7777 - January 7th - https://vgy.me/jInbKf.png
Snow Draconis#0007 - March 17th -https://vgy.me/BeVZ3D.png

Can I convert your mod to lalafells?
Sure; please link back to the original mod!

Can I release an edit to your mod? and Can I use your mod in a commission?
Sure, to both; I only ask that you release things onto XIVMA so that everyone can enjoy my work. Please don't put my edits behind a wall of privacy as I do my work so everyone can enjoy.

What's the password?
Yikes, I have some old passwords and new passwords I need to comb through - If the password isn't 4444 then it should be posted in my discord or on my website. Sorry for the confusion, I'm still cleaning things up~

▫ Mods marked with [B] Have had their passwords changed to

Why do you have a password?
If the password is listed in the mod post itself, it's because the mod was a result of someone's support and kindness; I pack up the mods with a password and provide them the passwords, and when it's ready for a public release, all I have to do is edit the password in! Additionally, having a unified password across the mod helps me push people towards this page, where I can add notes that don't belong in a release post.

Why isn't this page unlisted?
I've made this page public and searchable because I want people to be able to find mods that I've made that are currently private, but coming soon. I dislike that people can't find the mods that are currently private with no way to tell if they're ever coming, so this is my temporary solution to that.

Where did the guides go?
Elsewhere. I'll be moving the collection. I'm feeling real sick and tired with some pockets of the community, and want to keep my shit to myself for a little bit. If you need help, I'm happy to help in a DM.

Why is Bread posting your mods in TexTools?
I need some space to breath, but I don't want to punish the community for someone else's mistakes; while I continue to make mods, I've given TuckMeIntoBread#9902 permission to post my mods on my behalf, so I can continue to have my space. Thank you for the understanding, and please don't ping / contact him for mod help.


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bizu brand mods

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