Ultimate New Game Plus

Version: 5.0

  A Gear Mod by rahaztia

Contributor Information:

love these based mods? hit me up https://ko-fi.com/rahaztia
discord -> rahaztia
email -> [email protected]

Author's Comments:

how yall livin?
R'ahaz Tia back with another update to the classic Ultimate New Game Plus!

Removes all ultimate weapons from the game. Converts all weapons into their base, non-glowing form.

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Version 5.0 Update:
Affected items:
Ultimate Omega Sword > Omega Sword
Ultimate Omega Shield > Omega Shield
Ultimate Omega Bow > Omega Bow
Ultimate Omega Chakrams > Omega Chakrams
Ultimate Omega Knuckles > Omega Knuckles
Ultimate Omega Samurai Blade > Omega Samurai Blade
Ultimate Omega Sickles > Omega Sickles
Ultimate Omega Smallsword > Omega Smallsword
Ultimate Omega Torquetum > Omega Torquetum
Ultimate Omegafire > Omegafire
Ultimate Omega Battleaxe > Omega Battleaxe
Ultimate Omega Bayonet > Omega Bayonet
Ultimate Omega Cane > Omega Cane
Ultimate Omega Claymore > Omega Claymore
Ultimate Omega Codex > Omega Codex
Ultimate Omega Grimoire > Omega Grimoire
Ultimate Omega Rod > Omega Rod
Ultimate Omega Trident > Omega Trident
Ultimate Omega Wings > Omega Wings
Ultimate Omega Zaghnal > Omega Zaghnal
Version 4.0 Update:
Ultimate Sword of the Heavens > Sword of the Heavens
Ultimate Shield of the Heavens > Shield of the Heavens
Ultimate Axe of the Heavens > Axe of the Heavens
Ultimate Claymore of the Heavens > Claymore of the Heavens
Ultimate Gunblade of the Heavens > Gunblade of the Heavens
Ultimate Knuckles of the Heavens > Knuckles of the Heavens
Ultimate Halberd of the Heavens > Halberd of the Heavens
Ultimate Katana of the Heavens > Katana of the Heavens
Ultimate Sickle of the Heavens > Sickle of the Heavens
Ultimate Daggers of the Heavens > Daggers of the Heavens
Ultimate Bow of the Heavens > Bow of the Heavens
Ultimate Heavensfire > Heavensfire
Ultimate War Quoits of the Heavens > War Quoits of the Heavens
Ultimate Staff of the Heavens > Staff of the Heavens
Ultimate Grimoire of the Heavens > Grimoire of the Heavens
Ultimate Rapier of the Heavens > Rapier of the Heavens
Ultimate Cane of the Heavens > Cane of the Heavens
Ultimate Codex of the Heavens > Codex of the Heavens
Ultimate Heavensmeter > Heavensmeter
Ultimate Milpreves of the Heavens > Milpreves of the Heavens
Version 3.1 Update:
Thanks to some helpful members of the community, we have been able to improve this mod! :)
Original models were found for Ultimate Honebami and Vorpal sword, which have been replaced to more accurately reflect their base appearance.
Additional note for Penumbra users: Weapon .meta changes now working correctly with the Penumbra update!
Ultimate Honebami > Wave Katana
Ultimate Vorpal Sword > Expanse Rapier
Ultimate Deneb card holder now fixed and non-glowing
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Blade > Dreadwyrm Blade
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Shield > Dreadwyrm Shield
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Claws > Dreadwyrm Claws
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Bardiche > Dreadwyrm Bardiche
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Spear > Dreadwyrm Spear
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Longbow > Dreadwyrm Longbow
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Daggers > Dreadwyrm Daggers
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Claymore > Dreadwyrm Claymore
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Handgonne > Dreadwyrm Handgonne
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Cane > Dreadwyrm Cane
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Staff > Dreadwyrm Staff
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Grimoire > Dreadwyrm Grimoire
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Codex > Dreadwyrm Codex
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Torquetum > Dreadwyrm Torquetum
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Katana > Dreadwyrm Katana
Ultimate Dreadwyrm Rapier > Dreadwyrm Rapier
Curtana Ultima > Curtana
Holy Shield Ultima > Holy Shield
Sphairai Ultima > Sphairai
Bravura Ultima > Bravura
Gae Bolg Ultima > Gae Bolg
Artemis Bow Ultima > Artemis Bow
Yoshimitsu Ultima > Yoshimitsu
Deathbringer Ultima > Deathbringer
Ferdinand Ultima > Ferdinand
Thyrus Ultima > Thyrus
Stardust Rod Ultima > Stardust Rod
The Veil of Wiyu Ultima > The Veil of Wiyu
Omnilex Ultima > Omnilex
Atlas Ultima > Atlas
Amakura Ultima > Mythrite Uchigatana
Needle Ultima > Mythrite Rapier
Ultimate Almace > Almace
Ultimate Ancile > Ancile
Ultimate Verethragna >Verethragna
Ultimate Ukonvasara > Ukonvasara
Ultimate Rhongomiant > Rhongomiant
Ultimate Gandiva > Gandiva
Ultimate Kannagi > Kannagi
Ultimate Nothung > Nothung
Ultimate Armageddon > Armageddon
Ultimate Majestas > Majestas
Ultimate Hvergelmir > Hvergelmir
Ultimate Draconomicon > Draconomicon
Ultimate Tetrabiblos > Tetrabiblos
Ultimate Deneb > Deneb
Ultimate Honebami > Mythrite Uchigatana
Ultimate Vorpal Sword > Mythrite Rapier
Ultimate Anarchy > Manatrigger of the Forgiven
Ultimate Twashtar > Shire Glaives

Primary File or Link:

Ultimate New Game Plus V5.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Mon Jan 30 2023 20:27:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sat May 29 2021 13:33:03 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
All ultimate weapons

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