PLD's Skill Effects Remake/骑士技能特效重做mod

Version: 1.0.1

  A Other Mod by PAPACHIN

Contributor Information:

ocealot for VFX Editor
Packaging assistant: Shao

Author's Comments:

After playing ff14 for many years, I always feel that the game lacks a sense of attack, especially for some early jobs. So I think I'll try to remake some skill effects, which may increase the sense of attack and hand feeling. However, some skills are over updated, which is my personal interest or aesthetical standard.
This time, I brought the skill mods of the Paladin.
May you like it~

the Video Preview:

If you like my moding work.
I'd be very glad if you want to support me.
Since I only published these Mods in Chinese Forum at the beginning, I named mods according to my own preference at that time. Now when publishing these Mods here, it will be very troublesome to change their names, especially their names inside textools. Therefore, this is an instruction, providing various versions of MODS translation for reference.

Japanese skill name=English skill name=Chinese skill name(in video)=Chinese skill name(in textools)

weapon skill:
ファストブレード=Fast Blade=先锋剑=强化先锋剑
ライオットソード=Riot Blade=暴乱剑=强化暴乱剑V2
シールドロブ=Shield Lob=投盾=强化飞盾
ゴアブレード=Goring Blade=沥血剑=强化沥血剑
ロイヤルアソリティ=Royal Authority=王权剑=强化王权剑

magic skill:
ホーリースピリット=Holy Spirit=圣灵=强化圣灵V2

ability skill:
ファイト・オア・フライト=Fight or Flight=战逃反应=强化战逃V2(※)
サークル・オブ・ドゥーム=Circle of Scorn=厄运流转=强化厄运流转
スピリッツウィズイン=Spirits Within=深奥之灵=强化深奥
パッセージ・オブ・アームズ=Passage of Arms=武装戍卫=光战同款翅膀

LB=已然遥远的理想之城(from <Fate/Grand Order>)

※There are four versions of <Fight or Flight> in different colors and one version in different styles:
the other version is without lightsaber(Red)
※In addition, in the lightsaber version, when you put away the weapon, the lightsaber will clip through your body.So try to use it in combat,not in peacetime .

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PALADINv1.01.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Thu Jul 15 2021 21:54:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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