RDM's Skill Effects Remake/赤魔技能特效重做mod

Version: 1.2

  A VFX by papachin

Contributor Information:

ocealot for VFX Editor

Author's Comments:

After playing ff14 for many years, I always feel that the game lacks a sense of attack, especially for some early jobs. So I think I'll try to remake some skill effects, which may increase the sense of attack and hand feeling. However, some skills are over updated, which is my personal interest or aesthetical standard.
This time, I brought the skills mod of the BlackMage.
May you like it~

the Video Preview:https://youtu.be/oou4wRp0Iq0

※Patch v1.1:'Scorch' has been updated to v1.1 which is added to the screen shake effect(M) I forgot before.This is not reflected in the video.
※Patch v1.2:'Verfire' has been updated to v1.1 which is fix a bug that may cause the target fire vfx size is too large when the target's origin is too high.

Design concept:
Finally finished redmage's, spent a lot of thought, and most skills have been upgraded to a great extent. Red magic patterns are added to almost all skills, and most of the generation positions of red magic patterns are different according to the animation logic of the skills, which can also avoid the overlapping effect of red magic patterns of two different elements in dualcast. In addition, when making the red devil, because it is a class combining melee and magic, some ideas of using different weapons are added to make it more characteristic of onion Knight (all weapons can be used) and Magic Knight (weapons give magic). But I only tried to do a few skills. You can guess which. On the other hand,for Enchanted Riposte combo, I like the original audio and visual effects very much. It's very romantic. There's no reason and inspiration to redo it, so I won't do it.

If you like my modification work and are willing to support me,
I will be very happy and have more motivation.
This time, the external file name is consistent with the internal file name of textools,.
So there is no need to mark it specially.


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REDMAGE v1.2.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Wed Jul 28 2021 09:44:04 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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RDM's Skill

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