sleepy head - makeup for lalafells

Version: 2.0

  A Face Mod by sasiah.

Contributor Information:

Sofie - Face Defined base textures
manna - Sleepy Bean pose for cover photo

Author's Comments:

[ Cover photo uses neneko colors - crystal filter, has in-game blush face paint and eyeshadow facial feature applied ]

Sleepy tired eyes for all F lala faces, the result of having pulled an all-nighter or two or three 😴

UPDATED 05/28/22:
Now includes undereye circles for M lalas! Now everyone can be sleep deprived and tired at all times!

Google Drive folder contains:

💤 Modpacks
💤 Preview photos for how each makeup looks on all 8 faces without a reshade filter applied AND example of makeup on darker skin
💤 Individual PNGs in case you would like to apply makeup to only one of the faces at a time

Permissions/Additional notes:

💤 Please don't repost and claim as your own, I worked hard on painting this!
💤 Personal edits like adding moles or tattoos or lashes or whatever are fine, but please give credit to or tag me in any revisions/edits that are posted
💤 Please don't paywall any edits, this is a public mod that was done for funsies, and Sofie doesn't allow monetization off of their textures
💤 Fine for use in public and private photo requests
💤 Do note that it will likely not work on custom sculpts, it was painted with the vanilla face shape in mind
💤 Please don't edit or warp the textures to fit a custom sculpt
💤 If you would like a personalized makeup to fit your custom sculpt, please contact me instead and I will see about fulfilling a request

Personal Notes:

💤 I can be found @misshanayo on twitter
💤 My ko-fi is for tips and requests/comms
💤 I will be happy to make revisions for any glaring issues, please let me know if there's something that needs attention
💤 I'm open to suggestions/requests for makeups, please feel free to contact me if you would like something in particular
💤 I have pretty bad ADHD and am plagued with Problems, so I'm sorry if I'm slow about updating current mods or putting out news ones.

Primary File or Link:

Google Drive Folder : [ via ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Sat May 28 2022 23:03:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Wed Aug 11 2021 00:04:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :

Affects / Replaces :
ALL lalafells

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