[Moon] Wild Lynx (Ears & Tails)

Version: 1.0

  A Body Replacement Mod by scherana

Contributor Information:

Ears ripped by myself from SOL / tail from Nioh by r-e. Thank you to all the ton of people who helped, tested, gave ideas etc.! @Havoc for being the winner of the latest summer story challenge and our main model!

Author's Comments:

A collaboration done by me and mint_blob

Want more photos? Check here https://www.astraloracles.com/product-page/ao-wild-lynx-collaboration-set

Find here also 2 Guides for removing ear flaps on miqo'te faces and ear fur from hairs: https://www.astraloracles.com/guides

Version: "Wild Lynx" - Miqo'te / Au'ra Ear & Tail Mod by Scherana, Au'ra port by Mint
THE ALL RACE OPTION IS UNDER FILES TAB!! On the Tamamo Band (pls for the love of god READ before you send reports)

:MoonWitch: Affects: Tail 2
:MoonWitch: For: Raen, Xaela, Seeker, Keeper, Unisex
:MoonWitch: Options: Highlights for Ears / Tails + 2 different ear versions + tail only version (2 pages installer!!)
:MoonWitch: Notes: Ears on Miqo'te are Vanilla Earring compatible. If you use the miqo'te path on au'ra the ears can still wiggle.

If you play with custom scales or any scales on au'ra the upper ear part will discolor a bit darker

if you want to "skip" one race please choose on the whole page "No Install"!!!

Version: Tamamo Headband version (WIGGLE EARS ONLY) (Under "files" tab)
:MoonWitch: Affects: Tamamo Headband
:MoonWitch: For: All + Unisex
:MoonWitch: Options: Highlights for Ears + 2 different ear versions
:MoonWitch: Notes: Ears on Miqo'te are Vanilla Earring compatible. Ears wiggle when moving for all races. Miqo'te and Au'ra can still use them like the normal ears (emotes).

ATTENTION: The head item will HIDE your ears, so please use either ear covering vanilla hair or modded one

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me or ping me in the server.

:important: PERMS:
3D edits only for private use :3 For any public release please DM me first
This mod is not allowed to be used in any paid commission or patreon
Otherwise enjoy!

:Kofi: If you like what I do, you can support me over my Ko-Fi! (Link on the "Files" Page)
:discord: Join our Discord for exclusive testing, pre releases and an active communication with Mint, me, Misha and Ash for wishes, changes etc.!
Find the links under "Files"!

Primary File or Link:

Ears + Tail Combination for Miqo'te & Au'ra_VF.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Sun Aug 22 2021 15:53:01 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sun Aug 22 2021 15:00:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Tail 2, Au'ra, Miqo'te, Tamamo Headband, all

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